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The Board's Function

The main function of the Glen Cove Board of Education is to set policy for the school district. Although New York State Education Law governs the operation of the school district, the local board of education retains the right to establish policy to govern its schools within the framework of the law. As the chief executive officer of the district, the Superintendent of Schools is charged with implementing that policy. Day to day operation of the district is the function of the administrators, under the direction of the Superintendent.

Finances are also a major responsibility of the board. It oversees all financial matters, setting budgetary priorities, reviewing revenue and expenditure projections, and checking financial warrants and fund balances monthly.

The Board of Education is responsible for submitting a budget, which is then put before the citizens of Glen Cove for a public vote, held in May. If the budget is approved by registered voters, a spending plan would then be in place for the following school year. If the budget is defeated by the voters, the Board of Education may do one of the following: resubmit the budget as is for a new vote; adjust the budget and then resubmit it to voters; or declare an austerity budget.

Personnel is another important aspect of the board's role. It is solely responsible for the selection and evaluation of the Superintendent, and must approve all other personnel actions, upon recommendation of the Superintendent. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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