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Social Studies Department


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Coordinator for Social Studies
Sheena Rachel Jacob 
(516) 801-7682
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The Glen Cove Schools K-12 Social Studies program promotes students to become well versed in the History of the United States, New York, World History, Geography, Economics, Civics, Citizenship, and Government.  We dedicate ourselves to making Social Studies meaningful.  Our teaching reflects and supports an inquiry-based approach utilizing historical thinking skills that align with the K-12 Social Studies Framework. 

In addition to supporting critical thinking, the Glen Cove Schools Social Studies program provides a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages cultural awareness, civic engagement, and promotes all students to become active and productive participants at the local, state, and national levels.



K-12 Social Studies Framework/Courses


Content Focus


Self and Others

Grade 1

My Family and Other Families, Now and Long Ago

Grade 2

My Community and Other United States Communities

Grade 3

Communities around the World

Grade 4

Local History and Local Government

Grade 5

The Western Hemisphere

Grade 6

The Eastern Hemisphere

Grade 7

History of the United States and New York I

Grade 8

History of the United States and New York II

Grade 9

Global History and Geography I
Global History and Geography I Honors
Advanced Placement Human Geography

Grade 10

Global History and Geography II
Global History and Geography II Honors
Advanced Placement World History

Grade 11

United States History and Government
College United States History & Government
Advanced Placement United States History

Grade 12

Participation in Government
Economics, The Enterprise System, and Finance
Honors U.S. Government & Politics/Modern Economics Honors
Advanced Placement Government & Politics


Advanced Placement Psychology
American History through Film
College Civil War & Reconstruction
Comparative Philosophy
Constitutional Law
Criminal Justice
Facing History and Ourselves
Holocaust Studies
Humanities & Research (FMS/HS)
Introduction to Sociology
Latin American History through American Experience
Latin American History through World Experience
Trial & Debate
World at War
World History through Film




Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society was accepting applications!

Application was Open until Tuesday, October 20th




High School Department Members

Mr. Contorno
Mr. Costantino
Ms. Doulos
Ms. Hall 
Ms. Hotine
Mrs. Murolo 
 Mrs. Poulos
Mr. Smith 
Mrs. Treder 
Mr. Vazquez
Mr. Yeh
Ms. Young

Middle School Department Members

Mr. Contorno 
Ms. Corazza

Mrs. DeCarlo
Ms. Durham
Ms. McGrath
Ms. Roberts 
Mr. Smith 







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