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Teachers Enjoy Professional Development on Makerspace

Professional Development pic

Gribbin and Deasy school staff participated in a “Maker 101 for Educators” with David Wells of New York Hall of Science as part of their Superintendent’s Conference Day on Nov. 7. Mr. Wells introduced the idea of having a makerspace and its many benefits to students.

The teachers used linkages, made from cardboard pieces and fasteners, to create various moveable animals and people. Their imaginations were piqued by this open-ended project, which incorporated trial and error and lent itself to inherent iteration. The concept of iteration, in which a final product is tweaked until its realization, is not only naturally occurring while making things, but also in all subject matters.  

The maker mindset allows for choice and success for students, all of whom have different approaches to learning. A child can come in with a specific skillset and contribute their background knowledge and build upon it. 

Given this time to collaborate and talk with colleagues was well received. One teacher shared, “I liked having fun with my friends.”  Not only was this a fun, engaging experience, but understanding the importance of allotting time for this magic to happen in the classroom is an integral part of learning.  

Click here to view a slideshow of photos from the event

Deasy Students Create Cards for Veterans

Deasy Students Create Cards for Veterans photo
Deasy second-graders in Mrs. Maura Haff’s class and Mrs. Marci Notice’s class handcrafted cards for veterans to thank them for their service. The cards were delivered to the American Legion in Glen Head.

Finley Seventh-Graders Visit Mystic Seaport

Finley Seventh-Graders Visit Mystic Seaport photo

Finley Middle School seventh-grade teams Durham and McGahan went to Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut, on Nov. 9. Students walked around the 19th-century reconstructed village learning about life in early America. There they boarded whaling ships and visited shops, like the cooperage, blacksmith and printer’s office, to examine artifacts. They were even able to “attend class” in a one-room schoolhouse and saw firsthand how classes were conducted back in the 1800s.

Red Ribbon Art Contest

Red Ribbon Art Contest photo
Deasy School students participated in an art contest as part of its Red Ribbon Week activities. Congratulations to the following students:

Banessa Jimenez Santos (first place)
Sophia Penafiel (second place)
Sophia Yanes Villatoro (third place)

First Grade
Helen Manzanares (first place)
Angelina La Capria (second place)
Kaitlyn Grech (third place)

Second Grade
Nicole Padilla (first place)
Carlos Rios Flores (second place)
Aly Aguilar (third place)


How Many Seeds Are in a Pumpkin? Ask Deasy Second-Graders

How Many Seeds Are in a Pumpkin? Ask Deasy Second-Graders photo

Deasy School second-grade students in Michael Battaglia’s class recently conducted a pumpkin seed-guessing contest.

The lesson began with students creating a script for the contest that asked, “How many seeds do you think are in a pumpkin?” Students practiced the script and then recorded it using an iPhone. They then used the editing program iMovie to edit and publish their final movie. After uploading it to YouTube and the class website,, they sent emails out to parents, members of the administration and teachers asking them to vote on how many seeds they thought were in the pumpkin. After about a week or so of guessing, the class opened up the pumpkin and sorted the seeds into groups of 10. They then grouped ten 10s together to make 100. Once they determined how many seeds were in fact inside the pumpkin, they created a page on their class website explaining the process of how to conduct a pumpkin seed-guessing contest and announced the winners. Here’s the link:


Gribbin Second-Graders Pay Tribute to Veterans

Gribbin Second-Graders Pay Tribute to Veterans photo

Gribbin second-graders in Mrs. Coleen Brunhuber’s class wrote thank-you letters to veterans in honor of Veterans Day. The students put their letters in a book, which will be distributed to local veterans who live in Glen Cove. They also put a book of letters together for Sergeant Anthony Lucic, a friend of Mrs. Brunhuber. Sgt. Lucic served two tours in Iraq. In addition to writing letters, students brought home stars to recognize any family members who are veterans.

Connolly Students Learn About the Democratic Process

Connolly Students Learn About the Democratic Process photo

Connolly students had an opportunity to vote when they took part in the school’s student council election, prior to Election Day.

Class representatives vying for the positions of president, vice president, treasurer, archivist and secretary delivered exuberant speeches to the student body. Each candidate explained why they would be the best choice to represent their school and discussed how they would make Connolly a better place. 

Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello and mayoral candidate Councilman Tim Tenke, along with Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Dr. Michael Israel and Principal Julie Mullan were on hand for the assembly. 

Mrs. Mullan commended the candidates on their prepared speeches and the posters they created. She also explained to the student-audience how difficult it is to stand before a large group and speak, and encouraged them to vote for the right candidate.

“It is your job to listen to them on the issues and take notes,” Mullen advised. “This is not a popularity contest. I do not want you to vote for your friends; I want to you to vote for the best candidate.”

Congratulations to the following students:

President: Isabel Basil
Vice Presidents: Jayden Bernard and Colson Martone
Treasurer: Michael Renga
Archivist: Caroline DaSilva
Secretary: Alyssa Weingard


Students Participate in Red Ribbon Week

Students Participate in Red Ribbon Week photo

Throughout the district, students took part in a variety of activities in recognition of Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign that takes place annually in October.

Professional Development Sparks Excitement for Educators

Professional Development Sparks Excitement for Educators photo
On Superintendent’s Conference Day, a number of Glen Cove secondary science teachers attended a day of professional development through Nassau BOCES at Caumsett State Park.  

Teachers learned about geocaching, a method of using a GPS to track down a cache, a container with small items. During the exercise, the cache was a geological formation and the activity was EarthCaching. Teachers used a GPS to locate a glacial erratic, a large rock that was once carried and deposited by glacial ice that is different from other types of rocks found in the area. While the activity was directly applicable to earth science teachers, the experience also proved valuable for life science teachers, who in addition to teaching life science teach living environment and marine biology. 

The instructor, whose expertise is in marine biology, presented an in-depth look at the life cycle of the horseshoe crab. This species, native to Long Island, dates back 450 million years and has survived five mass extinctions. The horseshoe crabs’ bluish blood is harvested by pharmaceutical companies because of its incredible antibacterial properties, which has numerous applications in the field of medicine. 

Unfortunately, harvesting, along with other factors, has meant that their numbers are on the decline. The lessons learned by teachers during this day of professional development have already translated into passionate conversations in the science department as teachers make connections to their curriculum, and even begin planning ways to explore our local surroundings to share what they learned with their students.

Dedication Honors Former Superintendent

Dedication Honors Former Superintendent photo
Dedication Honors Former Superintendent photo 2
The Board of Education, administration, Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello and community members gathered to honor former district superintendent and educator Florence Andresen during a dedication on Nov. 5 at Glen Cove High School.

As part of the celebration, Campus Drive, the roadway that runs in front of the high school, was renamed “Florence Andresen Way.” Ms. Andresen taught English at Glen Cove High School for seven years, before advancing up the administrative ladder. After serving in a series of leadership roles, including dean and principal of Glen Cove High School, she was named superintendent of the district. Ms. Andresen’s appointment as superintendent in 1986 made her one of the first female superintendents of a K-12 district in New York State.

Board of Education President Amy Franklin welcomed those in attendance and discussed the Board’s motivation for honoring the former district educator.  

“Ms. Andresen is an inspiration to us all,” Franklin said. “She is an amazing role model for young women and an educational trailblazer. As one of the first female superintendents in New York, she paved the way for others to follow. During her 34-year career in our district she had a positive impact on an entire generation of Glen Covers.”

Ms. Andresen is a graduate of Skidmore College and was the lone female student in Hofstra University’s graduate program in school administration in 1959. 

Respected by students, parents, teachers and her fellow administrators, Ms. Andresen received numerous awards throughout her career, including the 1987 Nassau County Woman of the Year, the Charles F. Kettering Foundation Distinguished Educator Award (1981, 1984 and 1985), Newsday’s Distinguished Educator Award in 1989 and the 1991 Long Island University’s Distinguished Educator of the Year award, which recognized her 10 years there as an adjunct professor of educational administration and leadership. With all of these accolades, her friends and former students all agree that her most treasured honor was being voted “Most Popular Teacher” by high school seniors year in and year out.

Landing Raises Money for the American Red Cross

Landing Raises Money for the American Red Cross photo
Landing Raises Money for the American Red Cross photo 2
Landing Raises Money for the American Red Cross photo 3
Landing School K-Kids and members of the Student Council raised more than $500 for the American Red Cross hurricane relief effort. The K-Kids held a pen and pencil sale, while the Student Council held a bake sale. Congratulations to the students on a job well done.

Family Code Night


Collaborative Lesson for Gribbin Students

Collaborative Lesson for Gribbin Students photo

Gribbin first-graders in Vanessa Broglia's class and second-graders in Coleen Brunhuber's class recently worked together on a cooperative project.

Using the school’s vocabulary board, the classes selected the word symbol, a term that correlates with the social studies curriculum. The teachers differentiated the lesson by breaking the two classes into three groups. One team was worked on cutting and gluing U.S. symbols, while the second drew symbols that represented themselves. The third group used an iPad to research different U.S. symbols and wrote about them. The students had a great time learning together!

Finley NJHS Creates Halloween Fun for Deasy Students

Finley National Junior Honor Society students and their adviser, Ms. Brenda Weck, hosted Deasy students for their annual Halloween visit to the middle school. Principal Nelson Iocolano expressed his gratitude to art teachers Ms. Michele McLoughlin and Ms. Korey Zalk, who helped the youngsters make Venetian masks, and Mr. Christopher Lippe and Mr. Jason Flashner, who led them in singing Halloween-related songs.

Connolly Walk Raises Awareness

Connolly Walk Raises Awareness photo

Members of the Connolly Student Council organized the school’s eighth annual Breast Cancer Awareness walkathon in October.

Dressed in pink for the event, students and faculty walked around the school building perimeter with colorful banners and signs they created to raise awareness. 

Through pledges, the students collected more than $800 that will be donated to Glen Cove C.A.R.E.S., a not-for-profit agency that provides assistance to residents of the community and neighboring areas coping with the crisis of cancer.

Winners of the 2017 Finley Middle School Halloween Costume Contest

costume winners image
The winners are (from left to right)

Thomas Howard
Cassian Gerasimenko
Cayden Thompson
Miranda Weiser
Lilia Landaverde
William Romeo
Carla Vazquez-Jimenez
Alexandra Pascucci
William Romeo

Deasy Students Explore Science and Share Their Findings

Deasy Students Explore Science and Share Their Findings photo

October has been a month filled with exploration and discovery for Deasy first-graders. The students enjoyed their first unit of study in science, studying plant and animal superpowers and the ways living things adapt to the world.

To start their inquiry, the students explored what it means to be a scientist through investigating leaves to learn what types of trees grow at Deasy School. Students collected data (leaves), compared and contrasted (sorted) them, and drew conclusions to figure out that there are oak, maple and beech trees growing on the Deasy playground.  

They then began to explore the human body and the function of the skeletal system. Students learned how different systems, such as the skeletal system, have specific and important functions that help humans survive. They listened to informational texts, took a close look at different models and were able to replicate and create their own model of the human skeleton. Students were then able to share their research with their classmates and parents at a Halloween party.


Finley Names Bullying Poster Contest Winners

Finley Names Bullying Poster Contest Winners photo
As part of National Bullying Prevention week, Finley students created anti-bullying posters with positive messages that bullying will not be tolerated during their health classes. Congratulations to the following winning students: Anastasia Edwards, Emily Heman, Angie Mendoza and Zulma Orellana.

Connolly Student Council Beautifies Their School

Connolly Student Council Beautifies Their School photo
Members of Connolly School’s Student Council recently planted pink tulip bulbs and mums in the flowerbeds in front of their school. The Glen Cove Beautification Committee donated the flowers.

Glen Cove Teachers Present at Technology Summit

Glen Cove Teachers Present at Technology Summit photo

District STREAM teachers Jessica McKenna and Giselle Taylor presented at the Long Island Technology & Education Summit at the Huntington Hilton on Oct. 26.

The pair’s workshop, “Choo, Choo! All Aboard the Research and STEAM Train!” was delivered to district and building administrators and elementary teachers. It focused on how to engage and motivate primary-grade students during research and showcase their creations. It also demonstrated that the use of online databases, digital storytelling apps and other innovative tools help to pique students’ curiosity and propels them into research. 

Gribbin Students Enjoy Annual Fall Festival

Gribbin Students Enjoy Annual Fall Festival photo

The students at Gribbin School celebrated the season at the school’s annual fall festival on Oct. 27. The students participated in a variety of fall-themed fitness games and races with the help of student-athletes from New York Institute of Technology. The Gribbin School PTA also created a pumpkin patch, where each student was able to pick his or her own pumpkin to bring home. Finally, the students were treated to the show “The Energized Guyz,” which focused on various ways to conserve and use energy efficiently. Principal Francine Santoro extended her gratitude to the Gribbin PTA and NYIT for creating such a special day for students.

Glen Cove Inducts Students into Math Honor Society

Math Honor Society Induction  1
Math Honor Society Induction  2
Math Honor Society Induction 3
Math Honor Society Induction 4
Math Honor Society Induction 5
Math Honor Society Induction 6
Glen Cove High School inducted 19 members into Mu Alpha Theta, the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society, on Oct. 17. Each of these students met the requirements for admission by displaying excellence in high school mathematics and overall academic achievement. In service to their community, each of these students offer at least one half-hour of peer tutoring each week. For more information on the GCHS chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, please contact Cassie Shannon at

Watch the 11/1/17 Board of Ed Meeting

Click here to watch the live stream

Halloween Parade Fun

Halloween Parade Fun photo

It was a festive Halloween around the district. Glen Cove elementary students showed off their costumes during parades. Their respective building principals also took part, wowing students with their fun and impressive costumes!

Kopecky Named NY Jets High School Coach of the Week

Kopecky Named NY Jets High School Coach of the Week photo
The New York Jets has selected Glen Cove High School coach Peter Kopecky as the recipient of the New York Jets High School Coach of the Week award fueled by Gatorade. Through Gatorade’s partnership, the monetary award to benefit the school’s football program has doubled to $2,000.

Coach Kopecky will receive a Gatorade kit containing a cooler, fuel bars, Gatorade powder mix, squeeze bottles and much more. Along with this award, Glen Cove High School receives an automatic bid to compete in the 2018 New York Jets 7on7 Tournament. In addition, he is invited to watch the New York Jets play the Los Angeles Chargers on Dec. 24 from a luxury suite at MetLife Stadium, where he will be presented with a certificate and an award ball.

To read more about coach Kopecky’s honor, click on the following link:

Finley Students Stand Up to Bullying on Unity Day

Unity Day at Finley 1
Unity Day at Finley 2
Unity Day at Finley 3
Unity Day at Finley 4
Unity Day at Finley 5
Unity Day at Finley 6

Finley Middle School celebrated Unity Day on Oct. 25, with a message of being united against bullying.

Students and staff displayed a spirit of being united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. They also dressed in orange to send a message of support, hope and unity against bullying. Throughout the week, students created posters of support with positive messages that bullying will not be tolerated. They also created a visual unity statement by writing anti-bullying statements on orange strips of paper. Those paper links were then connected to create one long chain, which represented unity against bullying. Students received bookmarks that read, “Be a Champion Against Bullying.” They also signed a petition to not bully. 

Glen Cove Faculty Members Attend Literacy Conference

Glen Cove Faulty Attends Literacy Conference

English Language Arts coordinator Andrew DiNapoli and reading teachers Stefani Anisimov (Gribbin/Deasy), Diane Bruschini (Deasy), Melanie Odone (Gribbin), Amy O’Regan (Gribbin) and Danielle Pedretti (Connolly) attended the annual Literacy for All Conference at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island, from Oct. 22-24.

The Northeast conference offered participants more than 100 workshops in the areas of vocabulary instruction, phonics/word study, assessment, genre study, best practice for teaching English language learners and more, for a variety of grade levels. The conference provides educators with the tools needed to assist their diverse learners and maximize their literacy success.

Important Message

Important Message Pic
Important Note: Please be aware that neither the district nor any of its parent groups will ever solicit for funds or donations via phone. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from one of these groups, do NOT make a donation over the phone. We urge you to contact the local precinct with any information you have about the call/caller. The number for the Glen Cove City Police is 516-676–1000 We urge anyone who wants to make a donation to do so directly with a known representative from that group.

Upcoming BOE Educational Workshops


November 27-- Coding & STREAM K-5 at 6:30pm* please note: early start time in FMS Mini-Center (STREAM Teachers & Students K-5)

A Cellebration at Connolly

A Cellebration at Connolly photo

Fifth-grade students at Connolly School displayed the 3-D plant and animal cells they created out of fruit, cake mixes, Styrofoam and a variety of other materials when the school held a Cellebration on Oct. 23.

The culminating event marked the conclusion of the students’ study of plant and animal cells. As part of their studies, students learned how animal and plant cells are alike and different. They also learned about the structures and their functions.  According to fifth-grade teacher Maureen Hellman, the students built the projects at home using a checklist of items to include. 

“This activity was beneficial to the students because it created a better understanding of what they were learning. It also fostered a love of science,” Hellman said.      


Glen Cove Says Goodbye to Beloved Teacher

Julie Esposito Photo
Julie Esposito, an ENL teacher at Deasy Elementary School for 12 years, passed away on Oct. 12 after surgical complications of pancreatic cancer. Julie was the beloved wife of Paul Esposito and the loving mother of Sonia and James. She was the sister of Jacqueline Morra, also a teacher in the Glen Cove Schools. Her parents Joseph and JoAnn Giardina survive her.

Julie was always actively involved in the district by being part of the Deasy Sunshine Fund, International Night, PARP and Safety Committee. She loved her ENL students like her own children and supported them and their families. Julie’s smile and optimism were felt by everyone who knew her. She will be sorely missed by her Deasy friends and colleagues in Glen Cove, whom she considered family. Julie’s family would like to thank everyone from Glen Cove Schools for their support during this difficult time. The outpouring of love is a testament to Julie’s love of life and teaching.

Julie’s family is creating a scholarship to celebrate her life. The yearly fund will send an ENL student to YMCA summer camp. For more details about the scholarship, please contact Coleen Grove at or Steve Bromberg

Medical Career Day at Glen Cove High School

Medical Career Day at Glen Cove High School photo

Glen Cove High School students learned about various medical careers and attended lectures provided by health professionals when the school hosted Medical Career Day in conjunction with Glen Cove Hospital on Oct. 20.

During the all-day event, students had an opportunity to visit a health fair in the school’s gymnasium. It featured a multitude of exhibits focused on health-related fields, including emergency medical services, emergency room nursing, environmental services, patient services, dermatology and many more. Students could hear lectures, such as “How Do You See Yourself?” (self and body image), “Nonclinical Health-care Careers,” “From Immigrant to Cardiac Surgeon,” “Drug Awareness and Prevention” and “Nutrition.”    

“We collaborated with Northwell in an attempt to expose students to the many facets of the health-care system,” said Principal Antonio Santana. “We specifically wanted to show students that there are multiple employment opportunities that range from doctors and nurses, to computers and security and finance. In other words, within the health-care industry there is a niche for everyone. In addition, we prepared a series of lectures on various topics we thought would be of interest to the students.”


Gribbin Kindergartners Embrace New Literacy Program

Gribbin Kindergartners Embrace New Literacy Program photo

Kindergarten students at Gribbin School are learning to write and form letters in a fun and interesting way, thanks to Wilson’s early literacy phonics program Fundations.

The Fundations program, which was implemented by the district for kindergartners this September, employs a research-based approach and extensive program materials to assist teachers in presenting a carefully structured literacy curriculum using multisensory techniques.

During a recent class lesson, teacher Sable Battaglia reviewed the letters “g,” “a,” “i” and others. Using baby Echo, an owl puppet that helps reinforce key concepts for students, she said each letter, reviewed the sound it makes when pronounced and identified a word that began with the letter. Students then were asked to echo what they heard. After reviewing the letters and sounds, the class was asked to skywrite each letter. Each student raised an arm, closed one eye and made the shape of each letter with an outstretched finger. Battaglia also reviewed sky line, plane line, grass line and worm line — guidelines used to help students write letters. The children then returned to their seats and continued the lesson by tracing the letters in their workbooks.

“I really like the systematic nature of this program,” Battaglia said. “It’s very structured and routine, which is essential for students at this age. They are also making a strong connection between the letters and sounds, thanks to the integration of the visual aids.”  


Deasy Hosts Parent University

Deasy Hosts Parent University photo
Deasy Hosts Parent University photo 2
Deasy Hosts Parent University photo 3
Deasy Hosts Parent University photo 4
Deasy School hosted a Parent University on Monday, Oct. 16. While parents attended workshops, students, who dressed in their pajamas, watched a movie with their friends. The parents left the workshops with additional tools to assist their children when reading together, ways to help sharpen their math skills and a solid knowledge base for using databases utilized at school and at home.  

The workshops offered included Read With Your Child, given by ELA Coordinator Andrew DiNapoli, Help Your Child at Home With Math, given by Math AIS teacher Heather Sutz and Learn the Databases Students Use at School by STREAM teachers Jessica McKenna and Giselle Taylor.

Finley NJHS Raises Money for American Cancer Society

Finley NJHS Raises Money for American Cancer Society photo

Finley Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Jones Beach on Oct. 15. The students enjoyed completing the 5-mile walk on the boardwalk. They are also fundraising for the American Cancer Society through bake sales, bracelet sales and collections held at Stop & Shop in Glen Cove.

Landing Senior Volunteer Program Gets Underway

Landing Senior Breakfast 1
Landing Senior Breakfast 2
Landing Senior Breakfast 3
Landing Senior Breakfast 4
Landing Senior Breakfast 5
Landing Senior Breakfast 6
Landing Elementary School students enjoyed breakfast and reading with adults from Glen Cove Senior Center when the school’s Senior Volunteer Program kicked off on Oct. 16.

The program, which has been in place for more than 10 years, gathers students with senior citizens for approximately 45 minutes weekly. The participants get to know one another, while reading and completing word searches and crossword puzzles. Fourth-grade teachers Maria DePace and Susan Fiumara coordinate the program and said it offers students a nice opportunity to interact with elderly members of the community.

Accolades for Finley School Psychologist

Accolades for Finley School Psychologist photo
The National Association of School Psychologists and its Graduate Education Committee selected Finley Middle School Psychologist Cortney Farrell as a “Model School Psychology Intern Field Supervisor.” 

Ms. Farrell was selected based on a nomination by a NASP-approved graduate program, an evaluation based on NASP’s Best Practice Guidelines for School Psychology Intern Field Supervision and Mentoring completed by two interns she has supervised in the past five years, and a letter of support from a colleague or supervisor in the school district.   

Principal Nelson Iocolano and the entire administration congratulate Ms. Farrell on this achievement. 

Glen Cove HS Art Students Visit Coles House

HS Art Students Visit Coles House 1
HS Art Students Visit Coles House 2
HS Art Students Visit Coles House 3
HS Art Students Visit Coles House 4
HS Art Students Visit Coles House 5
HS Art Students Visit Coles House 6
Two Glen Cove High School art classes enjoyed a visit to the historic Coles House on Oct. 13.

The student-artists viewed indoor street art creations made by numerous well-known artists, including work by Glen Cove High School art teachers and students that transformed the interiors into a lively and compelling art museum.

The one period field trip across town was organized by art teachers Stephen Lombardo and Vicki Gordon on the invitation of Glen Cove's local business owner Joe LaPadula. Students toured the many rooms inside the three-floor space and had an opportunity to not only view art and installations, but also listened as Mr. LaPadula explained the critical difference between art inside a sanctioned space and defacing public property.

Of the 40 students attending, all seemed happy about this fun and interesting space existing in their own town.

Monthly Family Nights Begin

Family Nights Begin

To combat the busy schedules of families, the district has implemented a monthly Family Night. On Family Night, students will not be assigned any homework from their classroom teachers, allowing their families to preplan fun activities, without interruption.

Family Night will be held on the following dates:
Oct. 25        Jan. 31          April 18
Nov. 22        Feb. 14         May 23
Dec. 20        March 21       June 13

Landing Physical Education Teacher Receives AHA Honors

Landing Physical Education Teacher Receives AHA Honors photo
Landing Physical Education Teacher Receives AHA Honors photo 2
Landing Physical Education Teacher Receives AHA Honors photo 3
The American Heart Association honored physical education teacher Karen Serani for her participation in the Jump Rope for Heart program. 

Over the past 20 years, Ms. Serani and the students of Landing Elementary School have raised $100,000 for The American Heart Association by participating in Jump Rope for Heart. 

“Ms. Serani’s commitment to the program is something to celebrate,” AHA representative Larry Pyser said. “Her effort and support has been greatly appreciated. Over the past 20 years, she has taught her students valuable lessons about being heart-healthy and we thank her for her outstanding work.”

Video: School Messenger Parent Preferences

School Messenger Parent Preferences image

In support of our ongoing effort to keep updated information on file for each student, the Glen Cove School District kindly requests that you review your most up-to-date automated calling contact information.  Currently, there can be up to eight phone numbers in our system for your child.  Please review the information and make changes to existing numbers where necessary.  Please be aware that you can change these preferences at any time by downloading the SchoolMessenger App on your mobile device, or the SchoolMessenger website at

New Assistant Principal at Glen Cove High School

New Assistant Principal at Glen Cove High School photo
The district is pleased to announce Katie Prudente as the new assistant principal at Glen Cove High School. 

Ms. Prudente, a Huntington Station resident, comes to Glen Cove from Valley Stream Central High School. Ms. Prudente most recently served as the dean of discipline in the Valley Stream Central High School District’s Summer School program. She was also an administrative intern at Valley Stream Central High School from 2014-2017. Her administrative responsibilities included developing a districtwide curriculum assessment plan for science education and designing and implementing a STEM curriculum plan for grades K-6 for Valley Stream District 30. She also taught science at the district for nine years. Prior to Valley Stream, Ms. Prudente spent two years teaching at George J. Ryan Middle School in Fresh Meadows.

Ms. Prudente has a Master of Science in earth science/adolescence education and a Bachelor of Arts in earth science. In addition, she holds certifications as a school building leader and a school district leader from Stony Brook University.     

“I am very honored to be joining the Glen Cove community and look forward to building relationships with students and staff, parents and community members,” Ms. Prudente said. “I am dedicated to promoting a positive learning environment for all students and am excited to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure student achievement and growth.”

Key Club Helps Out North Shore INN

Key Club Helps North Shore INN 1
Key Club Helps North Shore INN
Members of Glen Cove High School’s Key Club assisted the North Shore INN Soup Kitchen with a recent fundraiser. The students helped wrap 400 loaves of pumpkin bread and sold them at the Sea Cliff Mini Mart on Sunday, Oct. 1.

Glen Cove Gathers for Homecoming

Glen Cove Gathers for Homecoming photo

Students, staff and community members came together for Glen Cove High School’s annual homecoming parade and football game on Oct. 7.

Marchers accompanied their creatively decorated floats and golf carts on the parade route from Gribbin Elementary School to Glen Cove High School as community members cheered them on. This year’s theme was “Our Knight Out,” which was symbolic of the festivities being held in the evening.  

Prior to the game, members of the student senate and homecoming court were introduced. Glen Cove cheerleaders also performed.

During halftime, the audience enjoyed more entertainment courtesy of the Glen Cove High School marching band, kick line and varsity cheerleaders. Congratulations to seniors Lauren Friedman and Ryan Greenfield, who were named homecoming queen and king.

Glen Cove fought hard, but unfortunately fell to Division High School, 18-6.


Big Red Spirit Shines at Pep Rally

Big Red Spirit Shines at Pep Rally photo

Glen Cove High School students, faculty and staff kicked off the school’s annual homecoming celebration with a pep rally on Oct. 6.

The high-spirited event celebrated athletes and featured outstanding performances by the school’s student-musicians, cheerleaders and kick line team. 

The school’s Student Senate, under the direction of adviser Ellen Lynch, created posters and coordinated the day’s activities. Each year at the pep rally, in addition to honoring students, the Student Senate honors one or more faculty or staff member who have positively affected students during their years in Glen Cove. Congratulations to Social Studies Chairperson Sue Poulos for receiving this year’s recognition.

Click here to watch the High School Pep Rally

Science Research Students Skype College Professor

Science Research Students Skye

Students in Glen Cove High School’s new Science Research Literacy class had the opportunity to video chat with College of the Holy Cross physical chemistry professor Dr. Lynna Gabriela Avila-Bront.

Students just completed a unit on the scientific method, and brainstormed questions to ask Dr. Avila-Bront about her scientific career, as well as her current research. They also inquired about her greatest achievement, the rate of her results given the margin of experimental error and why she decided to pursue science. Students were most surprised to find out that post-college studies in science are funded by government grants, and graduate students are in fact paid to attend graduate school.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to connect with a college professor as students begin their exploration of scientific research,” Coordinator of Science Alexa Doeschner said.   

Glen Cove Remembers Frank Bouza

Glen Cove Remembers Frank Bouza Photo 1
Glen Cove Remembers Frank Bouza Photo 2
Glen Cove Remembers Frank Bouza Photo 3
The Glen Cove community gathered at the Glen Cove High School flagpole prior to the Sept. 27 Board of Education meeting to pay tribute to Frank Bouza, a former district employee and BOE trustee.

Mr. Bouza, who passed away in October 2015, worked at the district for more than 40 years. During the ceremony, BOE trustee Gail Nedbor-Gross spoke about Mr. Bouza’s tenure at the district and his two terms on the board.

“Everyone got along with Frankie because he was one of the nicest, sweetest, most thoughtful men I’ve ever known. He loved this community and we hope that this beautiful plaque donated by our former Board of Education President Rich Maccarone shows our love, respect and admiration for Mr. Frankie Bouza and his family,” Mrs. Nedbor-Gross said.     

Mr. Bouza’s daughter Susan Gielbeda, a teacher at Connolly School, thanked everyone for attending the ceremony.

“This presentation is a great honor for us,” she said. “My father was a great husband, father, community member and grandfather. His focus was always the children. I can’t event count how many lives my father has impacted. He took pride in his job no matter what is was, custodian, supervisor of buildings and grounds or a board trustee.”   

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna indicated that the plaque would be mounted and the area around the flagpole would be enhanced in tribute of Mr. Bouza. The flagpole was selected as the location for the plaque because Mr. Bouza raised the American flag at the high school daily during his tenure there.

A Night of Inspiration for Glen Cove High School Students

A Night of Inspiration for Glen Cove High School Students photo
A Night of Inspiration for Glen Cove High School Students photo 2
A Night of Inspiration for Glen Cove High School Students photo 3
Students from Glen Cove High School attended “A Night of Inspiration” event on Sept. 19, sponsored by the WE organization at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel. During the event, students had an opportunity to listen to WE speakers and local change-makers, who offered students inspiration to take action and engage in charitable projects.

Finley Students Commit to Giving Back at WE Day UN

Finley Students Commit to Giving Back at WE Day UN photo

Robert M. Finley Middle School Kiwanis Builders Club members attended WE Day UN at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 20.

Presenters told stories of inspiration, encouraging students to not take life for granted and to take chances. Some challenged them to make change in the world, both locally and globally. Speakers at the event included Chelsea Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, past President of Ireland Mary Robinson, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Grace Vanerwaal, winner of “America’s Got Talent.”

The students who attended WE Day UN have made the commitment to give back to their community this year through service. For more information about WE Day UN, please visit

Connolly Fifth-Grader Lends a Hand to a Friend

Connolly image

Monday, November 20, 2017