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Landing Hosts Annual Spelling Bee

Landing Hosts Annual Spelling Bee photo
Landing Hosts Annual Spelling Bee photo 2
Landing School fifth-grader Phoebe Pinder was named the school’s Scripps Spelling Bee winner on Jan. 9.  

Reading teacher Ms. Kristina Carlstrom and fourth-grade teacher Ms. Melissa Harechmak organized the bee and helped to prepare the students for the schoolwide assembly. Phoebe, along with the top two spellers in each of the fifth-grade classes, participated. Principal Benjamin Roberts served as the moderator, while Mrs. Monica Altamirano, Mrs. Margaret Clark, Ms. Karen Serani and Mrs. Jamie Sharfman helped judge the event. Phoebe won by spelling the word “bulletin” correctly. Fifth-grader Jordan Billings was runner-up.

Mr. Roberts congratulated Phoebe along with the other contestants, Tyler Bartolomeo-Michie, Jordan Billings, Kaelyn Bonilla, Julian Landaverde, Mia Mejia, Jalyin Neder, Arianna Romeo, Cole Sciacca and Nehemiah Toutoute.

Glen Cove School District Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Registration 2018 -2019


Registration packets are available at the following locations:
• Glen Cove Website - Our District, Central Registration

• District Office (Thayer House) located at 154 Dosoris Lane

Registration for Kindergarten will begin on February 12, 2018 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

 • To enter Kindergarten, children must be five years old on or before December 1 of the school year.

Pre-Kindergarten Registration begins March 12, 2018 

Parents may call for a registration appointment beginning on February 1, 2018.

• To enter Pre-kindergarten, children must be four years old on or before December 1 of the school year.

Proof of residency, proof of child's age and immunization records will be required at registration.

Please call (516) 801-7001 to make an appointment or with any questions you may have.

BOE Honors AP Scholars

BOE Honors AP Scholars photo
On Jan. 3, the Board of Education honored 44 current and former Glen Cove High School students for being named Advanced Placement Scholars by the College Board following their outstanding performance on the May 2017 AP exams.
Glen Cove High School Principal Antonio Santana and Assistant Principal Allen Hudson III joined Assistant Principal Katie Prudente as she introduced the students and commended them on their achievements.
“These students should be very proud of their accomplishments, which required both hard work and dedication,” Assistant Principal Prudente said.  
Congratulations to the following students:

AP Scholar with Distinction
(Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.)
John Dong
Nicole Franklin
Julie Micko
Sydney Morris
Jolee Murphy

AP Scholar with Honor
(Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.)
Eric Brown
Andy Delgado
Joshua Filippone
Geovani Flores
Alex Garcia
Larissa Garcia
Brandon Kolanovic
Charles McQuair
Alexis Reveyoso
Morgan Vignali

AP Scholars
(Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams.)
Ali Awan
Enaiya Awan
Mikaila Ayala
Daniel Baboolal
Andrew Banos
Samantha Barry
Isabel Blas
Grace Brady
William Casale
Catherine Chinock-Ayiku
Joshua Cohen
Julia Farley
Shelbie Farnan
Yesenia Fernandez
Tristyn Hudson
Amanda Ieraci
Samuel Israel
Irvin Mancia
Evangelia Markoulis
Iris Ong
Amara Phillip
Talia Sakhaee
Laura Roesch
Areana Singh
Ryan Telese
Celia Vasquez
Christina Wiese
Duoyi Xi Hernandez
Joseph Yee


Deasy Second-Graders Create E-Books

Deasy Second-Graders Create E-Books photo

Deasy second-graders in Michael Battaglia’s class recently wrote nonfiction books using the app Book Creator.

The students worked in groups to write a story and then transferred their writing to the app. They also learned about text features and how to create labels and captions on the app, which they incorporated into their projects. The class really enjoyed shooting and inserting video files and recording audio of their writing. Students wrote about holiday and winter topics, such as “How to be Kind During the Holiday Season,” How to be Safe in the Snow” and “Games We Can Play in the Winter.” Each of their books were required to have a cover page and table of contents. 

According to Mr. Battaglia, the English language arts lesson gave students an opportunity to practice their reading fluency and writing, as well as get more familiar with the apps on the school’s iPads. To see the students’ creations, click on the following link:


‘Exasperation’ Spells Success for Connolly Student

‘Exasperation’ Spells Success for Connolly Student photo
‘Exasperation’ Spells Success for Connolly Student photo 2
Connolly fifth-grader Sara Roditi was named the winner of the school’s Scripps Spelling Bee contest.

Sara competed against the top spellers in the fifth-grade class in the competition. In all, 12 students took part in the bee after placing first and second in their individual class contests. During the competition, each student took turns spelling words off the Scripps spelling word list, presented by STREAM teacher Cheryl Carmody in front of the entire fifth-grade class. Principal Julie Mullan and AIS teacher Dora Ricciardi judged the event. The spelling bee concluded with Sara spelling the word “exasperation” correctly, winning the competition. Logan was named runner up.

Principal Mullan congratulated Sara, as well as the other contenders, Isabel Basil, Jason Basil, Page Bennett, Ella Dalk-Mall, Gio Galo, Hanna Glasky, Logan Grech, Stefano Malatos, Julia Petrizzo, Alexa Sincore and Mert Suyabatmaz.

Landing Students Lend a Helping Hand

Landing Students Lend a Helping Hand
Landing Students Lend a Helping Hand2
Landing School students and Girl Scouts assisted Landing families in need this holiday season. Students in Girl Scout Troop 103 generously donated $100 from their fundraising efforts to help support those less fortunate. Girl Scout Troop 1420 also provided holiday help for Landing students and families by conducting a toy drive. Principal Benjamin Roberts commended all of the students involved and thanked them for their generosity.  

Landing Students Construct Ecosystems

Landing Students Construct Ecosystems 1
Landing Students Construct Ecosystems 1
Ecosystems 3
Ecosystems 4
Ecosystems 5
Landing fourth-graders in Melissa Harechmak’s class created ecosystems to conclude their unit on life science, animals and plants.  

Ms. Harechmak worked with her class and students in Mrs. Susan Fiumara’s class to begin their projects in school. The students began their research at school by looking at different ecosystems and habitats using databases, such as PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and National Geographic Kids. They then worked at home to research their ecosystem in more depth, to include at least three animals and two plants. 

The students completed a writing piece describing the animals and plants, using information they learned in class and incorporating new vocabulary words. According to Ms. Harechmak, their writing pieces really demonstrated their understanding of their ecosystem, animals and plants. 

They then created a 3-D diorama representing their ecosystem. The students had a great time creating the dioramas at home using many different art materials and animal figurines to help make the project come to life. The culminating activity was in-class presentations, where students practiced their oral presentation skills as they explained their research to their peers.    

Deasy Kindergartners Make Gingerbread Men


Deasy kindergartners in Christine Maddaloni’s class recently created delicious gingerbread men to gift to a special member in their family.

The gingerbread activity highlighted the students’ recent study of holidays in social studies that concluded with students writing their own books.  

First, the students practiced how to make the shapes of a gingerbread man using play dough. Mrs. Maddaloni gave step-by-step instructions on how to roll the play dough and how big to make each piece. After students grasped the technique, they washed their hands and were ready for the gingerbread dough. Once they finished making the body, students used raisins to make the face and buttons. Class-parent volunteers took the cookies home and baked them for the students. Once they returned to the class, the students placed his or her cookie into a decorated paper bag for a family member.

After the students made their cookies, they enjoyed reading “The Gingerbread Man” with their teacher. The students then learned how to write books   using Writing Workshop, a new program initiated by the district in partnership with Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.

Connolly K-Kids Visit Glen Cove Senior Center

Connolly K-Kids Visit Glen Cove Senior Center photo
Connolly K-Kids Visit Glen Cove Senior Center photo 2
Connolly K-Kids Visit Glen Cove Senior Center photo 3
Connolly K-Kids Visit Glen Cove Senior Center photo 4
Connolly’s K-Kids made a holiday visit to the Glen Cove Senior Center on Wednesday, Dec. 20. 

The K-Kids sang the songs they learned for their winter concert to the seniors and held an intergenerational holiday sing-a-long with favorites, including “Jingle Bells,” “The Dreidl Song,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and others. The K-Kids also made holiday cards for the seniors. The students enjoyed juice and cookies supplied by the Glen Cove Senior Center after the performance. All had a good time! 
This is the 20th year that the Connolly School K-Kids have made a holiday visit to the Glen Cove Senior Center. Connolly teachers Krystle Gonzalez and Sandra Vigliotti serve as the group’s advisers and retired Connolly teacher Leslie McCarthy is the Kiwanis liason for the group.

Misleading Suggestion that School Taxes for 2018-2019 May Be Prepaid


Please see attached documents regarding the misleading suggestion that school taxes for 2018-2019 may be prepaid.

Click HERE for more information


Girls Varsity Tennis Team Wins Conference

Girls Varsity Tennis Team Wins Conference 1
Girls Varsity Tennis Team Wins Conference 2
Congratulations to Glen Cove High School’s girls varsity tennis team for its 14-0 season and earning the title of conference champions. The team had a spectacular year, including Trinity Chow being designated All-State. Trinity has played No. 1 singles on the team since seventh grade.  

The United States Tennis Association Eastern also honored Coach Christopher MacDonald. MacDonald was named Organizer of the Month for December.
The organization selects one passionate advocate who has made unique contributions within the community through tennis. MacDonald was recognized as an early adopter of the Net Generation program, which adds tennis to an elementary physical education curriculum. 

Spanish Students Open Mexican-Style Holiday Market

Holiday Market Pic
Holiday Market Pic 2
Holiday Market Pic 3
Holiday Market Pic 4
Holiday Market Pic 5
Glen Cove High School students in Clare Germino’s Spanish II classes recently created a Mexican-style holiday market. 

The students created their own "puesto" stand and decorated a sign advertising food and crafts for sale. All patrons enjoyed the market, where the students sold everything from baked goods and empanadas to holiday cards, stationery and handmade stuffed animals. Fake pesos were used for payment, and students from other language classes were invited to converse with the classes in Spanish.

Ms. Germino said the market was a great experience for students and tied into the Mexican holiday tradition. Several weeks before Navidad (Christmas), market stalls, or puestos, are set up in plazas in most Mexican cities and towns, where vendors sell crafts and goods. 

Animal Museum at Landing

Animal Museum at Landing photo
Animal Museum at Landing photo 2
Landing School fourth-graders in Margaret Clark's science classes shared their animal research at a classroom museum on Dec. 21.

In preparation for the event, students researched an animal of their choosing, focusing on habitats, life cycles, adaptations for survival and other interesting facts. They then created posters and dioramas to accompany their findings.

At the event, students visited each other’s exhibits to listen to well-rehearsed presentations. Topics included sharks, frogs, Bengal tigers, pangolins and Tasmanian devils. Students used iPads during class time, as well as materials from the school library and public library, to complete this project in school and at home.

‘Science Burritos’ at Finley

‘Science Burritos’ at Finley photo
‘Science Burritos’ at Finley photo 2
‘Science Burritos’ at Finley photo 3
‘Science Burritos’ at Finley photo 4

Finley seventh-graders in Donald Ingegno’s class recently conducted a liquid layers lab as part of their Density and Buoyancy unit. The students used honey, light corn syrup, dish soap, water, vegetable oil and rubbing alcohol, carefully layering each one to create a “science burrito.”

The class had learned to calculate density prior to the lab activity. According to Mr. Ingegno, the lab showed the students the secret behind density and reinforced that density is a measure of how much mass is contained in a given unit (grams per milliliter). Thus, heavier liquids are more dense and lighter liquids are less dense. The students used each liquid’s density to stack the layers of liquid and learned that liquids with the same volume can have different density.



Select Chorale Meets World-Renowned Composer

Select Chorale Meets World-Renowned Composer photo
Glen Cove High School’s Select Chorale had an opportunity to meet and work with world-renowned Norwegian composer and pianist Ola Gjeilo on Dec. 14.

The meeting was planned in preparation of the group’s concert, where they will perform Mr. Gjeilo’s “Dark Night of the Soul” and “Luminous Night of the Soul.”

Choral Director Ed Norris described the meeting as “magical.”

“What an experience it was to not only work with a living composer, but someone of his stature in the music industry,” Norris said. “He helped us in many ways, but mostly he was able to really listen and pick apart some things that we needed to work on in terms of balance and phrasing.”

After the students finished singing, they had an opportunity to ask Mr. Gjeilo questions about his music, Norway and many other topics.   

Mr. Norris said that when the group returned to rehearsal the following day, he saw a vast improvement in their performance, saying, “They did a great instituting many of the suggestions that Mr. Gjeilo made.”

New Work-Based Learning Coordinator at Glen Cove

New Work-Based Learning Coordinator at Glen Cove photo
The district has secured Jason Smiloff as work-based learning coordinator for Glen Cove High School. 

As part of his responsibilities, Mr. Smiloff will assist students in securing part-time jobs, internships and job-shadowing placements. He will also help students with résumé writing, cover letter development and identifying references. Other areas of focus will include instructing students on how to fill out a job application and how to dress for a job interview.

Mr. Smiloff looks forward to organizing a Mock Interview Day and career fairs and inviting guest speakers to the high school to engage students. In addition, he will provide career coaching and promote career and technical education opportunities. 

Mr. Smiloff also serves as a workplace learning coordinator at Lawrence High School and teaches business at Uniondale’s Alternative High School in the evenings. The Perkins Grant funds his position in Glen Cove. 

Board Celebrates Class of 2018’s Top Students

Board Celebrates Class of 2018’s Top Students photo
Administrators and Board members recognized Glen Cove High School’s top 10 students of the Class of 2018 during the Board of Education meeting on Dec. 13.

Glen Cove High School Principal Antonio Santana kicked off the honors, describing the students as “remarkable.”

“One of the things I want to emphasize is that, above and beyond their achievements academically in terms of their GPAs, all of these students are really involved in the Glen Cove community. It really adds to that spirit that is the Class of 2018,” Santana said. “I’m extremely proud of all their accomplishments.” 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna congratulated the students.

“You are an outstanding group of individuals, and to know that our future is in your hands is just a big relief for me,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, but I know that it will be something heartfelt and wonderful, specific to your own needs. You are amazing.”  

Congratulations to the following students, who are ranked in order: valedictorian John Dong, salutatorian Brandon Kolanovic, honorarian Isabel Blas, Jolee Murphy, Talia Sakhaee, Nicole Franklin, Ryan Greenfield and Amanda Ieraci (tied for seventh), Joshua Filippone and Grace Tenke. 

High School Students Enjoy a New Furry Friend

High School Students Enjoy a New Furry Friend photo
Glen Cove High School Living Environment teacher Vicki Graziosi participated in a Pets in the Classroom grant sponsored by Pet Smart. Through the grant, Ms. Graziosi obtained a hamster, which she named Gregor. 

Students in the class affectionately refer to it as Glen Cove Gregor. Recently, the students helped create a holiday-themed habitat for the hamster so they can enter it in the grant’s Habitat Contest. The caption for the contest reads, “Happy Holidays from Glen Cove Gregor!” Gregor loves his new home and his new family of Glen Cove High School students. He goes on field trips around the school and has weekend getaways with students and their families.

Scientific Research Literacy Students Begin Drafting Proposals

Scientific Research Literacy Students Begin Drafting Proposals photo
Glen Cove High School’s Scientific Research Literacy class is beginning to draft proposals to participate in Northwell’s Medical Marvels Research Competition. Students are writing a hypothetical proposal to the New York State Department of Health to offer a solution to solve the opioid addiction crisis. They are expected to submit their proposal by Feb. 9 and will have the chance to present in March. Students are working through a step-by-step process to research and develop their proposal. Starting in January, they will also begin working on applying to internships and mentorships at a university or laboratory.

New Writing Curriculum in Full Swing at Connolly

New Writing Curriculum in Full Swing at Connolly photo
Connolly School is fully immersed in its new writing curriculum, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. 

Fifth-graders in Mrs. Alison Fletcher and Ms. Stephanie Duignan’s class have been working on journalism writing. Students learned that journalists are observers who are always on the lookout for a newsworthy topic to report on. Children were given the opportunity go on a “beat” and walk around Connolly School to observe and to collect newsworthy story ideas. Students worked hard to collect their ideas in their notebook, while paying close attention to details they wanted to report.  

After collecting their ideas, students created their own news article.  Concluding the unit, students had the opportunity to create a feature article, where they further researched their news topic on their iPad and added their opinion to their piece. On Friday, Dec. 8, students celebrated their writing by sharing with the class and giving positive feedback to their peers. 

Finley Health Students Celebrate Great American Smokeout

Finley Health Students Celebrate Great American Smokeout photo
Finley sixth-grade health students in Matthew Carbone’s and Amanda Sullivan’s classes were recently visited by Carol Meschkow from the Tobacco Action Coalition of Long Island and Dr. Sharon Harris, executive director of SAFE.

During the visit, which correlated with the American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout, the pair educated students about tobacco and the impact tobacco advertising has on young people. The Great American Smokeout event challenges people to stop using tobacco and helps individuals learn about the many tools they can use to help them quit and stay tobacco-free.

Glen Cove Celebrates All-County Musicians

Glen Cove Celebrates All-County Musicians photo
Glen Cove Celebrates All-County Musicians photo 2
Glen Cove Celebrates All-County Musicians photo 3
Glen Cove Celebrates All-County Musicians photo 4

The Nassau Music Educators Association has designated 41 students from the Glen Cove City School District as All-County musicians. These students were selected based on last year’s New York State School Music Association scores and teacher recommendations. Performances will be held at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts in January.

The Glen Cove Music Department and members of the administration congratulate these students on this outstanding musical achievement.

Glen Cove High School:
Chorus (Ed Norris)

Hannah Boecklin
Elijah James
Kylie Jenkins
Mykaela Pajuelo
Gilbert Reyes
Arden Sanders
Alondra Schuck
Kevin Villatoro
Julianna Wilson

Orchestra (James Guarini)
Owen O’Regan
Andrew Woska

Band (Brittney Frank Rifkind)
Michele D’Ambrosio
Meghan Smith
Abigail Weiser

Finley Middle School:
Chorus (Joy Sullivan)

Aurora Curcio
Cassian Gerasimenko
Caleb Ham
Doris Serrano
Kristen Sita
Katherine Stewart
Elle Woska

Orchestra (Christopher Lippe)
Virginia Graziosi
Brooke Tran

Band (James Guarini and Keith Schmidt)
Josiah Aschalew
Gianna Gambino
Miranda Weiser

Connolly Elementary School:
Chorus (Sandra Vigliotti)

Charlie Alcantara Espinoza
Jenna Garcia
Chris Angel Parra
Summer Payne
Julia Petrisso

Orchestra (JoAnn Criblez)
Angelina Squarciafico

Band (Ed Smith)
Jolie Prezeau

Landing Elementary School: 
Chorus (Sandra Vigliotti)

Kaelyn Bonilla
Mayleen Chavez-Reyes
Vera Glouchkov
Peyton Peil
Madison Verene

Band (Ed Smith)
Isabella Smith

Orchestra (Rosita Mallo)
Leila Cullen
Deborah Zavala


Community Scholarship Fund Celebrates 60th Year

Community Scholarship Fund Celebrates 60th Year photo
This past June, the Community Scholarship Fund of Glen Cove celebrated its 60th year of giving to the students of Glen Cove High School, with 50 graduating seniors receiving scholarships. 

The Community Scholarship Fund of Glen Cove committee would like to thank its generous sponsors for making the distribution of these scholarships possible. 

Founded in 1957, this not-for-profit organization, managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, was formed to solicit, collect and raise money for the sole purpose of awarding scholarships annually to graduating students of Glen Cove High School. Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements, financial need, character, loyalty, citizenship and promise of future accomplishment. 

For information, contact the Glen Cove High School Guidance Department at 516-801-7670. 

All correspondence, as well as donations, can be mailed to: 
Community Scholarship of Glen Cove Inc. 
P. O. Box 453 
Glen Cove, NY 11542

Connolly K-Kids Donate to Operation Christmas Child

Connolly K-Kids Donate to Operation Christmas Child photo
The Connolly K-Kids recently took part in Operation Christmas Child, collecting school supplies, personal hygiene items and toys to send overseas this December. 

Thanks to the generosity of the Connolly School community, the K-Kids packed and shipped off seven boxes of holiday cheer. The Connolly K-Kids is a community service organization for fifth-grade students that is sponsored by the North Shore Kiwanis Club. The students’ Kiwanis liaison is retired Connolly teacher Leslie McCarthy, and Krystle Gonzalez and Sandra Vigliotti serve as the Connolly K-Kids advisers.

Finley Students Experiment with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Pic

Middle school students at Finley had an opportunity to study history, science and mathematics in a unique way when the Google Expeditions Augmented Reality Pioneer Program came to their school on Dec. 4.

The Expeditions program uses Google’s AR technology to map a physical classroom and place 3-D objects. Students can walk all around the objects, get in close to spot details and step back to see the full picture. 

Eighth-grade students in Sheryl Palmer’s science class explored the solar system during the visit. Each student paired with a classmate and watched in awe as they viewed the Earth, sun, and asteroid belt, as well as the inner and outer planets. As the students examined the images, their teacher shared interesting information and fun facts about each entity. 

Middle school students throughout the building participated in a variety of presentations, learning about the circulatory system, the world of ancient Rome, probability and World War I. Second-graders from Deasy School also joined in the fun, exploring the ocean floor with the technology. 

A special thanks to Student Management Systems Administrator Gayle Tullo and Technology Assistant Dulce Jon-Stenger for assisting students with the technology throughout the day.


Nature Exploration at Gribbin

Nature Exploration at Gribbin photo

Gribbin kindergarten and first-grade science buddies in Miss Irene Kamola’s and Mrs. Antoinette Hatzopoulos’ classes have been taking nature walks and exploring fall science.

Miss Kamola recently drove by the biggest and heaviest sunflower she had ever seen. It barely fit in her truck, but she knew she had to take advantage of this unique teaching opportunity. The students learned about the parts and lifecycle of a sunflower and used their math skills and vocabulary to measure themselves. They made a graph of their favorite sunflower seeds to eat – raw, roasted or salted – and read books and learned a poem and a song about sunflowers. Teachers also explained how seeds get around, with students letting their own seeds go in anticipation of new plants sprouting in the spring.  

As students in the Teachers’ Greentree Ecology Workshop this past summer, Miss Kamola and Mrs. Hatzopoulos continue to nurture their own love of science and nature in their students. They are inspired by Anna Comstock, known as “the mother of nature education,” Comstock said, “Nature study cultivates in the child a love of the beautiful. The nature story is never finished. There is not a weed or an insect or a tree so common that the child, by observing carefully, may not see things never yet recorded.”


Photography Students Enjoy PhotoPlus Expo

Photography Students Enjoy PhotoPlus Expo photo

Several Glen Cove High School students experienced “the biggest photography event in North America” when they recently attended the PhotoPlus Expo 2017 in New York City.

Photography teacher Mrs. Melissa Johnides attended the expo in 2016 and was excited to share the experience with select students this year. Students captured photographs of New York City on their walk to the Javits Center, where they received hands-on experience with high-end photography gear, including cameras and lighting equipment. They also watched live instruction on how to achieve the perfect shot by professionals in the business. Before heading home, the students viewed some contemporary artwork at the Sean Kelly Gallery. It was a memorable day for all. 


Finley Students Honored by Board of Education

Finley Students Honored by Board of Education photo
The Board of Education recognized Finley Middle School students Jason Downer, Jr., Ashly Freeman, Colin Gallagher and Samantha Seery at its meeting on Nov. 29.

The students, who were celebrated for their successful participation in the 2017 New York State YMCA Model Youth Legislature for Middle Schools in November, thanked the members of the Board and the district for making their attendance at the event possible. They also explained the mock bill they created for the conference, which focused on legislative reform of solitary confinements in prisons by reducing consecutive time allowed in isolation and by setting clear and concise parameters for consequences leading to solitude. 

“Having the privilege to attend this event and work in the Capitol Building was truly an enriching experience,” Seery said. “The whole experience of meeting attendees from different schools, to being able to stand inside the chambers and present our mock bill was inspiring.”

“To be sitting in those seats and going through the process had to be an amazing experience,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna said. “I’m glad that you were all able to participate. You represented Glen Cove in such an amazing, honorable manner. Thank you for your outstanding performances.”  

Gallagher and Seery were also recognized for receiving individual awards, earning outstanding debater and outstanding delegate, respectively. 

District to Live Stream Varsity Athletic Events

District to Live Stream Varsity Athletic Events photo
The Athletic and Technology departments in conjunction with GCTV are excited to begin live sports streaming for the varsity sport teams. The pilot program will start with the broadcasting of six winter varsity sports games. In the future, the departments hope to broadcast all of the other seasonal sports. This initiative will allow Glen Cove Athletics to showcase its student-athletes, as well as the growing athletic program. Please tune into the first broadcast when the boys varsity basketball team takes on Harborfields High School on Dec. 5 at 6:30 p.m. Go Big Red!
Click on the link on the School District homepage at game time, or click on the GCTV LiveStream link to watch the game live. All games will be archived indefinitely on the GCTV LiveStream page

District Hosts Family Code Night

District Hosts Family Code Night pic

More than 100 families turned out for the district’s first-ever Family Code Night at Finley Middle School on Nov. 27.

The event, which was organized by district STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, arts and math) teachers Ken Altamirano, Cheryl Carmody, Jessica McKenna and Giselle Taylor, was presented as part of the Board of Education’s Educational Workshop series. It featured district students leading hands-on coding and robotics activities learned in their STREAM classes to family members and others. In addition to using Bee-bots, Blue-bots and Code-A-Pillars, students and their families had an opportunity to create their own video game using Bloxels, built structures with Keva Planks, and programmed Ozobots using lines, colors and codes. 

Also at the event, the finalists of the STREAM Logo Contest were honored. 

Congratulations to Mia DiFrancisco, Matthew Jackson, Ella Nossa and Mia Rivera. Rivera was named winner of the competition.   

Click here to view the GCTV Friday Morning News segment covering Family Coding Night 

NY Islanders Visit Landing

Students at Landing School were visited by representatives from the New York Islanders on Nov. 23.

The assembly stressed the importance of making smart decisions, eating healthy and staying active, as well as treating others with respect. It also emphasized teamwork and the benefits attained through teamwork. During this interactive assembly, the representatives helped students realize why being committed to making smart decisions is important in school and life. 

The New York Islanders handed out folders and pencils to every student, and also offered two free tickets to any student improving school grades or having a good report card.


LISFA Honors for District Students

LISFA Honors for District Students photo
LISFA Honors for District Students photo 2
Finley Middle School students Virginia Graziosi (grade 6, violin) and Brooke Tran (grade 7, violin), and Landing student Leila Cullen (grade 5, cello) have been chosen to perform in the Long Island String Festival Association festival in March 2018.  

Brooke will play with the seventh- and eighth-grade orchestra, Virginia will perform with the sixth-grade students, and Leila is set to play with the fifth-grade group. The students were selected to participate in this year’s LISFA Festival based on last year’s NYSSMA scores and a recommendation from their music teacher.  

Each performing group is made up of the finest string players from the schools of Nassau County. The students will attend rehearsals on March 2–3. The sixth-grade concert will take place on Saturday, March 3 at 2 p.m. at Uniondale High School. The fifth-grade and seventh- and eighth-grade concerts will be on Sunday, March 4 at 1 p.m., also at Uniondale High School.

Glen Cove Senior Selected to Perform in All-State Band

Glen Cove Senior Selected to Perform in All-State Band photo
Meghan Smith, a senior clarinetist at Glen Cove High School, was chosen to represent the school in the All-State Symphonic Band at the 2017 NYSSMA Winter Conference. The conference will take place in Rochester, New York, from Nov. 30–Dec. 3. Meghan was chosen based upon her outstanding score at last year’s solo NYSSMA adjudication and will perform with the best high school musicians in New York State.

Gribbin Donates Food to Local Families in Need

Gribbin Donates Food to Local Families in Need photo
Students at Gribbin Elementary School collected nonperishable food items to support local community members this Thanksgiving. The students, their families and staff members donated traditional Thanksgiving meal items, which were transported to St. Rocco’s Church in Glen Cove to assist with its food drive.

Schools within the Glen Cove District joined other local community organizations to collect food for St. Rocco’s. Complete dinners will be distributed to families in Glen Cove prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Award of Excellence for Glen Cove Junior

Award of Excellence for Glen Cove Junior photo
Junior Matthew Tran represented Glen Cove High School and the state of New York at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston in June.

Through participation in the congress, Matthew and others had the opportunity to watch a live surgery and to question the surgeon in real time. They were also educated by Nobel Prize winners, and guided and mentored by prominent medical school academic leaders. 

Principal Antonio Santana presented Matthew with an Award of Excellence, which certifies his successful completion of the congress.

Finley Students Attend NYS YMCA Model Youth Legislature

Finley Students Attend NYS YMCA Model Youth Legislature photo

Finley Middle School students Jason Downer, Ashly Freeman, Colin Gallagher and Samantha Seery participated in the 2017 New York State YMCA Model Youth Legislature for Middle Schools on Nov. 16-18.

As part of the program, the middle school students acted as senators and assembly members, debating legislation they had prepared and discussing the issues of the state. The students proposed a mock bill for legislative reform of solitary confinements in prisons by reducing consecutive time allowed in isolation and by setting clear and concise parameters for consequences leading to solitude. The committees ultimately passed the students’ bill. 

The conference was a wonderful learning experience for the students. All students did an excellent job, and two students won individual awards. Congratulations to Samantha for being named outstanding delegate and to Colin for being awarded outstanding debater.  A special thanks to teacher Tracy Roberts for helping students prepare for the conference and for accompanying the students to Albany, along with teacher Adam Cirnigliaro. 




Deasy Students Learn About Voting

Deasy School second-graders had the opportunity to meet City of Glen Cove mayoral candidates, current City of Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello and Councilman Tim Tenke. The students developed questions to ask each candidate and voted the following day based on the knowledge they gained. Students learned about the role of the mayor, along with the democratic voting process.

Academic Accolades for Glen Cove Seniors

Academic Accolades for Glen Cove Seniors photo
Glen Cove High School seniors Andy Delgado, Joshua Filippone and Jared Vengas received academic acknowledgement from the College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program.

Each year the NHRP awards this honor to approximately 5,000 of the 250,000 Hispanic and Latino students who take the PSAT in their junior year.
The NHRP identifies academically exceptional Hispanic/Latino students and can be used on college applications. Students are chosen based on their performance on the PSAT, and they are required to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Principal Antonio Santana congratulated Andy, Joshua and Jared on this achievement. 

Landing Fourth-Graders Learn to Write Thesis Statements

Landing Fourth-Graders Learn to Write Thesis Statements photo

Landing School fourth-graders in Melissa Harechmak’s class are writing personal essays using Writing Workshop, a new program initiated by the district in partnership with Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.

According to Ms. Harechmak, each Writing Workshop unit lasts about three to four weeks, and consists of lessons that are 10-15 minutes each. The first lesson in each unit always begins with a teaching point. Currently, her class is learning that writers support their thesis by developing different types of facts to reinforce it.

The students began by brainstorming a thesis statement. Once it was developed and received approval from their teacher, the students were then asked to come up with three mini-stories to support it. Students are working collaboratively to help each other develop ideas and meet with their teacher during conferences to review their progress.   

Ms. Harechmak said the goal of each unit is to engage students to work together to come up with a story that models the teaching point. 

“Through these guided lessons we’re creating a love of writing and building habits for our students as they continue their development as writers,” Ms. Harechmak said.    

After drafting their mini-stories, students will sort and organize their ideas to begin the first draft of their essay. Once the independent writing is complete, Ms. Harechmak will review and edit each student’s writing. Students will then make revisions and will collaborate with their classmates to seek further suggestions.

Veterans Visit Deasy

Veterans Visit Deasy photo

Students at Deasy School enjoyed several visits from veterans in honor of  Veterans Day.

Second-graders in Maura Haff’s and Marci Notice’s classes spent time with Christle Schneider on Nov. 9. Ms. Schneider served in the Navy and discussed the meaning of Veterans Day with students.  

Army veteran and class parent Janine Grech visited first-grade students in Mary Maloney’s class. Ms. Grech shared her Army experiences with the class and shared some special items from her time as a medic in Iraq.

Preschool students in Dayna Connolly’s class also enjoyed a special visitor. Marine Captain Ryan Doland read “Hero Dad” by Melinda Hardin to students. He also shared information about the helicopter he flies, his tenure in the military and explained what men and women in the different military branches do.

Captain Doland has been serving in the Marines for 10 years. During that time, he has lived in several U.S. states and has been deployed to Afghanistan and other countries in Europe. He is a CH-53E helicopter pilot but is currently working at the 1st Marine Corps recruiting district in Garden City. 


Glen Cove High School Hosts Mayoral Debate

Glen Cove High School Hosts Mayoral Debate photo
Glen Cove High School’s senior social studies classes and the Glen Cove Youth Bureau hosted a mayoral debate in the high school auditorium on Nov. 3.

Senior students enrolled in Participation in Government classes researched local concerns and developed questions for the debate, while AP Government and Politics students volunteered their time to run the debate and helped the City Council candidates set up in the gallery for the meet and greet, which took place immediately after the event.  

This debate provided a deeper understanding of campaigns, the election process and local issues for students. Through real-life experiences such as this, students get more invested in learning and have a deeper understanding of their civic duty. The moderator of the event was Will Casale from Mr. Pearsall’s AP Government class. He did a tremendous job in maintaining the decorum of the debate. Several students asked questions during the debate. Students Nikki Franklin and Amanda Ieraci served as timekeepers. All of the students did an impressive job.

Gribbin Hosts Operation Safe Child

Gribbin Hosts Operation Safe Child photo
Gribbin Hosts Operation Safe Child photo 2
Gribbin Hosts Operation Safe Child photo 3
Gribbin Hosts Operation Safe Child photo 4
The parents and guardians of Gribbin School students will receive special identification cards with pertinent information about their children, thanks to Operation Safe Child and the Glen Cove Police Department.

The program, which is held at the school annually, collects vital information on students and incorporates it on an ID card to aid parents and law enforcement officials in the event of an emergency. Students had their photographs, fingerprints, height and weight taken by members of the police department. That information, along with the child’s hair color, date of birth and gender, will be stored in a database in Albany that can be accessed within minutes all over the country.

Glen Cove Senior John Dong Named a Commended Student

Glen Cove Senior John Dong Named a Commended Student photo
Glen Cove High School senior John Dong was named a Commended Student in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program.

John was among the 34,000 Commended Students across the nation recognized for his exceptional academic promise. He placed among the top scorers of the more than 1.6 million students who entered the 2018 competition by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. John was presented with a Letter of Commendation by Principal Antonio Santana.

Teachers Enjoy Professional Development on Makerspace

Professional Development pic

Gribbin and Deasy school staff participated in a “Maker 101 for Educators” with David Wells of New York Hall of Science as part of their Superintendent’s Conference Day on Nov. 7. Mr. Wells introduced the idea of having a makerspace and its many benefits to students.

The teachers used linkages, made from cardboard pieces and fasteners, to create various moveable animals and people. Their imaginations were piqued by this open-ended project, which incorporated trial and error and lent itself to inherent iteration. The concept of iteration, in which a final product is tweaked until its realization, is not only naturally occurring while making things, but also in all subject matters.  

The maker mindset allows for choice and success for students, all of whom have different approaches to learning. A child can come in with a specific skillset and contribute their background knowledge and build upon it. 

Given this time to collaborate and talk with colleagues was well received. One teacher shared, “I liked having fun with my friends.”  Not only was this a fun, engaging experience, but understanding the importance of allotting time for this magic to happen in the classroom is an integral part of learning.  

Click here to view a slideshow of photos from the event

Monthly Family Nights Begin

Family Nights Begin

To combat the busy schedules of families, the district has implemented a monthly Family Night. On Family Night, students will not be assigned any homework from their classroom teachers, allowing their families to preplan fun activities, without interruption.

Family Night will be held on the following dates:
Oct. 25        Jan. 31          April 18
Nov. 22        Feb. 14         May 23
Dec. 20        March 21       June 13

Wednesday, January 17, 2018