Glen Cove Seniors Place First in Journalism Competition

Glen Cove Seniors Place First in Journalism Competition Photo
Glen Cove High School seniors Samantha Barry and Tamara Gitlin placed first in Best Art Review and Best Opinion Piece, respectively, at the annual Press Day and Quill Awards ceremony held at Adelphi University on March 22. These writing categories demonstrate the strength of Glen Cove’s English Language Arts curriculum and its award-winning newspaper club. 
According to the club’s journalism adviser Arlene Munson, Tamara’s timely piece (Fake News –What’s Real or Not?) presented a well-structured opinion on how technology may be changing our perceptions of reality. Samantha’s review of the J.K. Rowling’s movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” provided unique insights into the author’s world of witchcraft and wizardry.
More than 300 high school students were in attendance and out of 14 award categories, Glen Cove garnered the top award in two of them. Congratulations! 

Glen Cove High School Students Prepare for Spark! Challenge

Spark Challenge Photo
Six Glen Cove High School students participated in the Spark! Challenge shadow day, a collaboration between Northwell Health Systems and local high schools to expose students to diverse career paths and ignite their interest in health-related STEM professions.

As part of the program, the students had the opportunity to participate in a shadow day of the Acute Rehabilitation Center at Glen Cove Hospital. Teacher Mrs. Fran Krisch accompanied students in the Human Anatomy and Physiology Honors class. With collaboration from Media Communications teacher Mr. Christopher Barry and his TV Production program students, the science students will prepare a two-minute presentation and participate in the Spark! Challenge contest where they will showcase their experience at the Spark! Challenge on April 6, making them eligible to win up to $2,000 toward a field trip of their choice.  
Principal Antonio Santana, assistant principals Alexa Doeschner and Allen Hudson are excited and incredibly proud to have students compete with high schools from across New York City and Long Island. Please stay tuned for updates and pictures from our upcoming Spark! Challenge event. 

Finley Research III Students Participate in National History Day

History Day Photo

A dozen eighth-grade research students from Finley Middle School had the opportunity to participate in this year’s National History Day on March 19, a yearlong academic program focused on historical research, interpretation and creative expression for students in grades 6-12.
This year’s theme, “Taking a Stand in History,” prompted students to research various historical figures ranging from Dian Fossey to Ruby Bridges, to Mikhail Baryshnikov. Students presented their work through one of five mediums: exhibit, website, documentary, performance or historical paper. 

Finley is proud to have had two students bring home three separate awards. Sarah Israel was awarded outstanding junior entry in the History of Science for her use of primary sources in the creation of her exhibit on Jonas Salk, creator of the polio vaccine, and Liam Dall was honored with outstanding junior entry in American History and Preservation and Conservation from the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society for his working 3-D exhibit on the National Parks Service. 

Finley Middle School is proud of all of their students for participating in such a prestigious and nationally recognized competition. Students will showcase their work at an upcoming Board of Education meeting. Congratulations on a job well done!

Glen Cove Senior Wins Mathematics Scholarship

Math Scholarship Photo
Glen Cove High School senior Jessica Bellomo was one of five islandwide winners of the 2017 Dr. Jong Pil Lee Memorial Scholarship.

The $1,500 scholarship is given to students who are planning to major in mathematics at an accredited college or university. Jessica submitted an essay describing her intended pursuit of the study of mathematics along with her involvement and love for the subject. She named her high school mathematics teacher Mr. Frank Curatolo, as the educator she was most influenced by.  

Congratulations to Jessica and Mr. Curatolo for a well-deserved recognition!

A Message from the Superintendent regarding NY State Testing - Grades 3-8


Deasy First-Graders Interview Community Helpers

Deasy First-Graders Interview Community Helpers

First-graders at Deasy School are taking part in a research project with their classroom teachers and STEAM teacher Jessica McKenna.

The focus of the student’s research is community helpers, which ties into the school’s social studies curriculum. Each student was tasked with selecting a community helper to research, including firefighters, doctors, police officers, construction workers, veterinarians, farmers, dentists and astronauts.

To assist students with their research, the teachers orchestrated meetings with professionals in those specific fields for students to interview. The first-graders came up with questions to ask their interview subjects prior to the meeting and were eager to have those questions answered when the professionals arrived.

The students’ questions focused on a multitude of topics, including the education needed to secure a specific career and the responsibilities that they perform in their professions.

Book Fairies at Gribbin

Book Fairies at Gribbin
Gribbin students demonstrated what it means to be compassionate and generous by donating hundreds of their gently used books to The Book Fairies, a charitable organization that collects reading materials for people in need throughout the metropolitan area.  

The school’s site committee organized an assembly with Lily Hoffman, a Finley Middle School student and Book Fairies volunteer and a Book Fairies coordinator to educate the elementary students on the organization’s mission. They embarked on the initiative to reinforce compassion, caring and empathy amongst the school community.

Student-Artists Featured at All-County Exhibit

Student-Artists Featured at All-County Exhibit
Twenty-one district students were selected to have their artwork exhibited at the Art Supervisor’s Association’s 13th annual Nassau All-County Art Exhibition at SUNY Farmingdale on March 12. Senior Yenifer Molina was this year’s scholarship recipient for Glen Cove High School. Congratulations to all of the students and teachers for a job well done. The following students exhibited in the event:

Mikailia Ayala
Kaelyn Bonilla
Chloe Cedeno
Elizabeth Chavez
Veronica Cruz
Mackenzie Edwards
Gabriela Fuentes-Escobar
Salvatore Guastella
Madison Kaffl
Ellie Knobel
Isabella Linares
Yenifer Molina
Natalia Monsale
Brian Mullen
Alexandra Pascucci
Lila Santamaria
Elvis Santos
Yllka Valdez
Carla Vazquez-Jimenez
Taha Waly
Brian Yun

Regent Tilles Visits Glen Cove

Regent Tilles Visits Glen Cove

Elementary students demonstrated what they’re learning in class when the district welcomed New York State Regent Roger Tilles on March 7.

Regent Tilles began his visit with students from Amy Mendrinos’ fourth-grade class at Landing School. During their meeting, Regent Tilles read his favorite book “Little Hummingbird,” as well as a variety of poems to the students. They also enjoyed discussing different literary devices used in poems and had an opportunity to ask Regent Tilles questions about his role on the Regents Board. The students presented their guest with a book of poems they penned as part of their classroom learning. Fifth-grade STEAM students at Landing were also visited and showed off the school’s new virtual sandbox as they took part in a lesson on topography.

The next stop was Gribbin School, where Regent Tilles had an opportunity to see second-grade students from Giselle Taylor’s class present their Extreme Weather research. Students, with help from Taylor and STEAM teacher Jessica McKenna, created digital books using the app Book Creator. The educators and students also explained their use of the app Seesaw, which allows them to share their schoolwork with classmates as well as their families.

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Dr. Michael Israel accompanied Regent Tilles.

“This visit was such a wonderful display of what the district has to offer,” Dr. Israel said. “Our students did an excellent job in showcasing their many talents and strong desire to learn under the watchful eye and leadership of our dedicated teachers.”

Read Across America Day at Connolly


Connolly students in Susan Gielbeda’s, Nancy Gorman’s and Kathleen Madigan’s classes participated in Read Across America Week and celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2.

First, the students listened to a read aloud of “Bartholomew and the Oobleck,” while enjoying green eggs. They then completed a science project creating oobleck of their own using water, corn starch and food coloring. They tested various materials to see if they would float or sink and everyone was excited to see the oobleck show properties of both solids and liquids.

At the conclusion of the celebration, the students broke into groups to read some of Dr. Seuss' most popular stories. They enjoyed the activities and were happy to work as a team.

Sixth-Grade Students Create iPad Tutorials

Sixth-Grade Students Create iPad Tutorials
Students on the Finley Middle School Technology Committee along with Nancy Cox, elementary educational technology specialist, presented three tutorial videos they created to the Board of Education on Feb. 27.

The videos were for several apps that middle school students are currently using on their iPads. The committee members scripted each video, which provide instruction for Notability, Google Classroom and Google Classroom to Notability and Back to Classroom. They also provided the voiceovers and demonstrated the technology.
The videos were created to help students, parents and anyone wanting to know how to better navigate these iPad apps. They can be accessed on the district’s website by searching Instructional Technology.

Glen Cove is on Facebook and Twitter

The district is proud to announce its new Facebook page and Twitter handle. These social media platforms will provide additional avenues for those who wish to stay connected to the events and initiatives taking place in our schools. Please like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @GlenCoveSchools. Thanks for being a part of our community!

Finley Students Reflect on Diversity

Finley Students Reflect on Diversity

Eighth-grade students at Finley Middle School celebrated Black History Month with a workshop led by Tracy Garrison-Feinberg of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County.

During the two-day event, which was organized by social studies teachers Meredith Murolo and Danielle Treder, students were introduced to the study of Black History Month and listened closely as Garrison-Feinberg recited George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From.” They then wrote a poem involving the origin of their name. The activity provided them an opportunity to reflect on diversity and cultural awareness as they pondered the question, “What makes me, me?”

Throughout the event, students continued exploring topics of black history, tolerance and culture awareness. As part of the workshop, they viewed the film, “Should Black History Be: More Than a Month?” and took part in a thoughtful discussion on what they learned. They also reviewed quotes from famous African-Americans and reflected on how those quotes still resonate today. Using the quotes and their own reflections, the students traced their hands, which serve as leaves on a 10-ft. tree, which was created by the school’s art teachers Michelle McLaughlin and Torrie Zimmerman.

Coming Soon! 4th Annual Glen Cove’s Got Talent Show! Come join the fun.


Research Projects Showcased at Deasy PTA Meeting

Research Projects Showcased at Deasy PTA Meeting

With the help of STEAM teacher Jessica McKenna and their second-grade teachers, Deasy students have been learning how to conduct research. Each class focused on a select type of professions or careers, such as inventors, explorers, business leaders, athletes, history makers and authors, to research specific individuals within those categories.

The students learned how to access internet databases such as PebbleGo and Abdo Zoom. They also learned how to take notes and used them to create sentences. The classroom teachers then taught them how to create paragraphs with their sentences. The project ended with the students displaying the information they learned with either a poster, mural or digital book.

One group from each second-grade class was selected to share their presentations at the February PTA meeting. Principal Melanie Arfman, Mrs. McKenna and the grade two teachers supported and assisted the students at the meeting to successfully showcase their projects.

Kiwanis Honors Finley’s Builders Club

Members of Finley’s Kiwanis Builders Club, Student Council and National Junior Honor Society were recognized by the Kiwanis Club for their efforts in creating and maintaining the school’s food pantry.
The food pantry, which opened in April 2016, provides assistance to Glen Cove families in need. Kathy Levinson, Lt. Governor of Long Island North Division of Kiwanis, recognized the students after learning of their efforts from past Lt. Governor Phyllis Burnett.
“I was really moved by what I heard because it takes a lot to realize that other people are suffering and needing something especially when you are as busy as you are,” Lt. Governor Levinson said to the students. “You all realized that you had friends at school who maybe weren’t eating over the weekend, who maybe were hungry and you did something about it. I think it’s tremendously kind and on behalf of Kiwanis, we really appreciate your hearts and your kindness, you are really doing a wonderful thing.”   

Finley’s food pantry is open on Fridays from 3-5 p.m. They are currently seeking donations of personal care items, such as toothbrushes, shampoo and feminine products. They are also in need of pasta, sauces, tuna fish, hot and cold cereal, snack items and other nonperishable foods. To make a donation or for more information, call (516) 801-7605.  

Landing Recognizes Jr. NBA Skills Challenge Winners

Landing Recognizes Jr. NBA Skills Challenge Winners
Landing School students participated in the Jr. NBA skills challenge in January. As part of the contest, students competed in skills and drills, such as dribbling, passing and shooting against their schoolmates based on their age. Physical education teacher Karen Serani expressed her pride in all of the students who entered the contest. The following were winners in their age division:

Boys Under 12
1st place: Jordan Howe - 33 points
2nd place: Jadyn Johnson - 23 points
3rd place tie: Eli Reinheimer and Warren Toutoute - 21 points

Girls Under 12
1st place: Nia Phillips -17 points
2nd place: Jazaniah Nellis -13 points
3rd place: Hayden Vieyra - 10 points

The seven finalists will compete in the Regional Competition in April at Basketball City on Pier 36 in New York City. Congratulations!

Deasy Students Celebrate the 100th Day of School


Kindergarten and first-grade students at Deasy School commemorated the 100th day of school with a variety of fun, educational activities.

Kindergarten students counted cereal pieces in groups of ten to equal 100 and then placed them on a string, creating “Froot Loop” necklaces. They also decorated paper crowns that read “100 Days Smarter” and completed 100 jumping jacks. Meanwhile, first-grade students and teachers dressed like they were 100-years-old. The children enjoyed rotating to different stations led by first-grade teachers, creating crafts and writing about what they’ll be doing when they reach 100 years of age.  

The students had a wonderful time and were fully engaged in the activities that reinforced their classroom learning.

Spring 2017 Adult Education Guide


S-U-C-C-E-S-S for Finley School Seventh-Grader

Finley Middle School seventh-grader Sam Seery participated in the Hofstra Long Island Regional Scripps Spelling Bee at Hofstra University on Feb. 12.
Seery was crowned winner of the school’s annual Spelling Bee on Jan. 20, after going head-to-head with seven other students in grades 6-8. She and the other competitors were selected to take part in the schoolwide Spelling Bee after being named winners of their individual class contests.
Seery was one of 133 students islandwide to take the written exam portion of the Long Island Regional Scripps Spelling Bee on Feb. 5. Forty-eight students, including Seery, qualified for the Feb. 12 spelldown at Hofstra University.
“It was nerve-wracking,” Seery said of the competition. “There were a lot of people there.”
Unfortunately, Seery was eliminated in the second round after spelling “schnauzer” incorrectly, but she said the experience was a great one and looks forward to possibly competing next year.  
“I love spelling bees,” she said. “They’re a lot of fun for me. I like the exhilaration of standing in front of a large audience and having to spell a word.”

Another Career High for Glen Cove’s Grace Brady

Another Career High for Glen Cove’s Grace Brady
Another Career High for Glen Cove’s Grace Brady 2
Congratulations to Glen Cove High School senior Grace Brady, who scored her 1,000th point in the third quarter of the Nassau A-III girls basketball game against Bethpage High School on Feb. 6.
Grace's 1,000th point came on a free throw late in the third quarter of the 46-40 win. She dominated during the game with a 20-point performance. This accomplishment reflects her incredible work ethic and determination.

Coach Mike Woodhouse and Assistant Coach Chris Hillier presented Grace with a commemorative ball during the last home game of the regular season on Feb. 10, which was also Senior Night for the girls basketball team. Unfortunately, the girls lost this tough game against Lynbrook High School, 69-60.

Grace, a fifth-year varsity player, secured her 1,000th rebound at St. Anthony's High School earlier this season and is the first player in Glen Cove history to record 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds. She will play Division II women's basketball at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California in the fall. Good luck!

To read more about Grace, click on the Newsday link below.


Landing Celebrates Triple Record Holder

Landing Celebrates Triple Record Holder
Landing fifth-grader Jonathan Patino is the first triple record holder for the school’s PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) fitness test.

Jonathan recorded the highest scores on the PACER test in grades 3-5, completing 61 laps in grade 3, 70 laps in grade 4, and 83 laps in grade 5. Jonathan’s tenacity and desire for success, along with incredible support from his family, helped him to earn this outstanding achievement.

The PACER test involves continuous running between two lines in time to recorded beeps. The time between recorded beeps decreases each minute (level) requiring an increase in pace. It is part of the health-related fitness concepts taught in physical education. The PACER tests cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance and overall fitness levels.

Ski Club Members Enjoy Mount Snow

Ski Club Members Enjoy Mount Snow
The Glen Cove High School Ski Club recently returned from their first trip of the season. Fifty students, along with staff and parent chaperones, ventured north to Mount Snow, Vermont for two days of skiing and snowboarding.

"As always, the trip was an overwhelming success," said Ski Club adviser Christopher Barry. "The students had a chance to do something healthy in the outdoors that they love, and we simultaneously introduced about a dozen students to winter mountain sports for the first time."  
The students also enjoyed bumping into Principal Antonio Santana during their trip. Santana was at Mount Snow with his family.
“It was great seeing students up on the mountain, both enjoying the beautiful scenery and engaging in an activity that is not accessible to many,” Santana said. “Some of our students have developed into proficient skiers due to the club. It’s a great experience.”

The Ski Club is planning one more trip from March 17-19 to Mount Snow. The club meets on Thursdays  at 2:30 p.m. in the high school’s TV studio. New members are always encouraged to join.

Photography Honors for Glen Cove High School Students

Photography Honors for Glen Cove High School Students

Glen Cove High School junior Veronica Cruz and freshman Yllka Valdez are national finalists in the 36th Annual College & High School Photography Contest sponsored by Photographer’s Forum magazine.

The two students, in Melissa Johnides' Photography 1 class, were recently notified that their works were selected out of nearly 15,000 entries. The girls will have their photos published in this year’s "Photographer's Forum: Best of Photography 2017" book, displayed on the magazine’s website, and are eligible for cash prizes if they are chosen as winners.

Connolly Hosts Fifth-Grade Science Fair


Connolly School fifth-graders demonstrated their knowledge of the scientific method during the school’s annual Science Fair on Feb. 3.

The fair featured projects that covered a wide range of topics, including the movement of balloons, expanding gummy bears and whether or not plants can grow without soil. According to fifth-grade teacher Maureen Hellman, the students started brainstorming ideas for their projects prior to the holiday recess. Once their topic was approved, each class reviewed the steps of the scientific method, discussing hypotheses and variables. They also learned to make charts and graphs using the data they collected.

Upon completion of their science projects, students were given an opportunity to demonstrate their work for classmates and teachers at the fair.

PARP Wraps Up at Landing


Landing School concluded its Pick a Reading Partner program on Jan. 27, with a relay race-type event, cherry pie filling, silly string, pancake syrup and multicolored feathers.

The assembly began with PARP coordinators and teachers Maria DePace and Stefanie Liptzin distributing books — donated by the PTA — to students who won contests for reading and other challenges related to the celebration. 

During the school’s two weeks of PARP, the children were tasked with reading more than 40,000 minutes. Principal Benjamin Roberts was very excited to announce that they met and exceeded the school’s goal, reading a total of 40,281 minutes.

For exceeding their goal, the students were rewarded with a special assembly. Students Jeremiah Ede, Mark LaRocca and Emely Aguilar Martinez were randomly selected to go head-to-head with Principal Roberts and the PARP coordinators in a relay race-type activity. The losing team had to pick a mystery box, which contained a prank they had to endure. Liptzin was sprayed with silly string, DePace took two tins filled with cherry pie filling to the face and Roberts was covered in pancake syrup and feathers.  

The students took part in a variety of activities during the PARP program including visiting Deasy School to read to others. They also took part in several spirit-themed days, such as Character Dress Up Day, Crazy Sock Day and Jersey Day.

Connolly Students Create Simple Machines


Connolly third-graders in Lucretia Simone’s class utilized what they learned about simple machines to build their own unique devices. Using only materials found at their homes, they developed a  product with one or two simple machines. The class then displayed their inventions at an Inventor’s Museum on Jan. 19. Connolly students from all grades and their parents had an opportunity to see and hear presentations on each invention.

Glen Cove Hosts Cheerleading Invitational


The Glen Cove High School Booster Club is sponsoring the Big Red Cheerleading Invitational on Feb. 4 at Glen Cove High School.

Eighteen schools will compete in the Small Varsity, Small Junior Varsity and Co-Ed Varsity divisions. Small Junior Varsity competition begins at 1:30 p.m. and the Small Varsity Division and Co-Ed competitions begin at 4 p.m.

The Glen Cove High School 2016 cheerleading team was Nassau County Runner-Up for Small Varsity Division. The girls hope the community will come out to support this exciting event. Admission is $6. The Glen Cove Booster Club will also sell T-shirts to commemorate the event.

Session One
JV Small Division
Competition Begins-1:30 p.m.

Glen Cove
Bellmore Kennedy
East Meadow

Session Two
Co-Ed and Small Division Varsity
Competition Begins-4 p.m.

Valley Stream North
East Rockaway

Varsity Small Division
Glen Cove
Cold Spring Harbor
West Hempstead
Valley Stream South

Students’ Artwork Selected for PARP Logo

Students’ Artwork Selected for PARP Logo
The beautiful artwork of Connolly School fifth-grader Natalia Monsale and Landing School fifth-grader Taylor Enrile were chosen as the official designs for the district’s Pick A Reading Partner program.
The students’ illustrations centered around this year’s PARP theme, “Peace, Love and Reading.” The artwork was featured on all of the PARP materials distributed throughout the district’s elementary buildings. PARP is a statewide PTA program that encourages parents to read with their children for at least 15 minutes daily.

Community Members Join Gribbin Students During PARP

Community Members Join Gribbin Students During PARP
Gribbin School celebrated Community Readers Day as part of its Pick A Reading Partner program. Members of the community visited classrooms and read aloud their favorite stories to students. The children enjoyed sharing a story with these community helpers.

Blubber Glove Experiment at Deasy

Blubber Glove Experiment at Deasy

Deasy first-graders in Cynthia Geraci's class have been researching penguins and the physical adaptations that help them survive in cold weather.

To bring the curriculum to life, students participated in the Blubber Glove experiment, where they were able to feel the warmth that blubber provides to warm-blooded animals in freezing conditions. First, students placed one hand into a bowl of ice water for ten seconds. Then, they put on a Blubber Glove (a glove lined with a layer of margarine to simulate blubber). The students then placed their hand back into the water for ten more seconds and could easily feel the difference that blubber helps to keep out the cold and insulates heat within a penguin's body.

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