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A Focus on Kindness at Gribbin

A Focus on Kindness at Gribbin photo
A Focus on Kindness at Gribbin photo 2
A Focus on Kindness at Gribbin photo 3
A Focus on Kindness at Gribbin photo 4
Second-graders in Coleen Brunhuber and Jennifer Hajok’s class at Gribbin School participated in a lesson about spreading kindness as a beginning of the year, community-building activity. The teachers feel it’s important for the kids to accept and treat each other with respect and kindness. They shared that together with students, they become a classroom family and take care of each other all year long. The class had fun doing the activity. First, they read the book “Jelly Donut Difference,” by Maria Dismondy. They then decorated a picture of a donut that included “sprinkles” with acts of kindness written on them, picked one act of kindness and constructed a sentence about it.

Glen Cove High School Bleachers Revitalized

Glen Cove High School Bleachers Revitalized photo
Glen Cove High School Bleachers Revitalized photo 2
Glen Cove High School Bleachers Revitalized photo 3
Those attending sporting events on Glen Cove High School’s J.C. Maiden Field will enjoy beautifully refurbished bleachers to sit on, thanks to New York State Senator Carl Marcellino. 

Sen. Marcellino secured a $500,000 grant to aid the district in its efforts to repair the bleachers, which are used by many throughout the year and had fallen into disrepair. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna expressed her sincere gratitude to Sen. Marcellino for his continued support of the district and its students. The entire community is looking forward to using the bleachers this sporting season and going forward. Go Big Red!  

Fall 2018 Adult Education Guide


Glen Cove Remembers 9/11

Glen Cove Remembers 9/11 photo

Glen Cove students, faculty and staff marked the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with building and instructional activities on Sept. 7.

Teachers throughout the district discussed the historical events that took place, used the instructional day to remember those we lost and to remember how we as a nation pledged never to forget their sacrifice. Remembrance pins were distributed to administrators, faculty, staff and Board members to commemorate the day. Social studies coordinator Sheena Rachel Jacob expressed her gratitude to seniors Natalie Corella, Fernanda Falcone, Colleen Lynch and Ivone Olivera for distributing notices inviting educators to pick up and wear remembrance pins.  

District Honors Faculty and Staff

District Honors Faculty and Staff photo
This district celebrated longtime faculty and staff members for their dedicated years of service during Superintendent’s Conference Day on Aug. 29. Those recognized included several honorees from 2017. Congratulations!   

2017 Honorees
25 Years

Kathleen Doughty (teacher)

20 Years
Alba Anzalone (food service helper)
Christopher Barry (teacher)
Dayna Connolly (teacher)
Priscilla Incerto (teacher)
Rochelle Schinder (monitor)

2018 Honorees 
40 Years
Frank Bilello (teacher)
MaryEllen Cuomo (teacher)
Lorraine Ieraci (secretary)

35 Years 
Sheryl Palmer (teacher)

30 Years 
Tracy Gleckler (teacher)
Donna Staab (teacher)

25 Years
Margaret Clark (teacher)
Gregory Famularo (custodian)
Steven Kocienda (teacher)
Alice McGrath (teacher)
Maria Salamone (attendance secretary)
Caryn Stasco (teacher)
Marguerite Venturino (food service helper)

20 Years
Kristen Brosnan (social worker)
Pasqualina Deblasio (food service helper)
Saverio Costantino (teacher)
Arlene Geoghegan (teacher)
Mark Glaviano (teacher)
Susan Rodriguez (teacher)
Francine Santoro (principal)
Pauline Watson (switchboard monitor)

Nassau County Police Dept. invites you to a School Safety Forum - September 25, 2018


District Students Begin the New Year

District Students Begin the New Year photo

Glen Cove educators welcomed new and returning students to school for another academic year filled with unique learning opportunities on Sept. 4.

Excitement was in the air throughout the district, including at Deasy School, where students in grades K-2 listened closely as teachers read stories aloud. Kindergarteners in Michelle Mardiney’s bilingual class practiced writing their names and colored pictures to celebrate the first day of school, while first-graders in Jen Cleary’s class enjoyed “free choice time” as part of their new routine. The first-grade students built structures from blocks, played games and created hand-drawn pictures.   

Meanwhile, at Gribbin School, second-graders in Coleen Brunhuber and Jennifer Hajok’s class enjoyed participating in writing assignments that focused on how they were feeling during the first day of school. Students were asked to select three emojis and then describe how what they chose reflected their feelings. Kindergarteners in Arianna Bekios’ class took part in circle time and shared what they did over the summer months, while Irene Kamola’s students created pictures of what they like to do together with other people. Ms. Kamola’s theme for the day was “being together” to celebrate the class’ first day as a group. Teachers read stories aloud to students throughout the building.

It was a wonderful day for all students as they got to know friends, teachers and their new daily routines. 

District Welcomes Three New Coordinators

District Welcomes Three New Coordinators photo
The district is pleased to announce three new coordinators for the 2018-19 school year. Justin Lander, Sheena Rachel Jacob and Aldijana Adovic were appointed to the areas of instructional technology, social studies and English, respectively.

Mr. Lander’s hire, a newly created position in the district, supports and enhances the district’s expanding 1:1 Chromebook initiative. His primary focus and responsibilities lie in instructional technology, including coordinating software purchases and licensing, acquiring and deploying hardware and devices, and creating opportunities for and providing ongoing professional development that is meaningful and relevant for all staff in the district. He will also work closely with the systems administrator and student management system administrator.

As the coordinator of social studies, Ms. Jacob looks forward to collaborating with principals and fellow coordinators to help students enhance their skills and increase their achievements. During the upcoming school year, she will focus on a multitude of areas, including incorporating New York State Common Core social studies framework and social studies practices into instruction, curriculum and assessments; collaborating with English language learner and special education personnel to further implement instructional modification for students; and build upon her expertise by attending professional development workshops and integrate newly acquired strategies, skills and concepts into curriculum development and instruction techniques during preparation and planning. 

Ms. Adovic plans to work closely with the Glen Cove community of school administrators, educators and parents to continuously develop and promote the growth of English language arts curricula, programs and activities. She is excited about the new classroom libraries being constructed throughout the district and is focused on curriculum alignment and individualized learning opportunities to increase student engagement and achievement. Her main objective is to continue the district’s culture of collaboration in developing lifelong readers and writers.

All three educators are excited to be part of the Glen Cove school community.  


World Lacrosse Championship for Glen Cove Alumnus

World Lacrosse Championship for Glen Cove Alumnus photo
World Lacrosse Championship for Glen Cove Alumnus photo 2
The Glen Cove Lacrosse Program is proud to announce that Glen Cove High School alumnus Alex DiScala recently competed in the Federation of International Lacrosse World Lacrosse championship held in Netanya, Israel. Alex was an All-County goalie for Glen Cove in 2007 and went on to play college lacrosse at Jacksonville University. He is the first player from Glen Cove to compete at the international level.

Alex competed with the Italian national team that finished in 16th place in the World Games. This was the highest finish for the Italian team in the history of the games. Led by Alex, with 12 saves, Italy went 4-3 in the tournament and came in first place in its grouping by beating Peru 13-7.

The Federation of International Lacrosse World Lacrosse championships, the World Cup of lacrosse, takes place every four years in a different venue across the world. This year’s games featured a games record field of 46 nations represented. Congratulations!