Connolly Hosts Fifth-Grade Science Fair


Connolly School fifth-graders demonstrated their knowledge of the scientific method during the school’s annual Science Fair on Feb. 3.

The fair featured projects that covered a wide range of topics, including the movement of balloons, expanding gummy bears and whether or not plants can grow without soil. According to fifth-grade teacher Maureen Hellman, the students started brainstorming ideas for their projects prior to the holiday recess. Once their topic was approved, each class reviewed the steps of the scientific method, discussing hypotheses and variables. They also learned to make charts and graphs using the data they collected.

Upon completion of their science projects, students were given an opportunity to demonstrate their work for classmates and teachers at the fair.

Connolly Students Create Simple Machines


Connolly third-graders in Lucretia Simone’s class utilized what they learned about simple machines to build their own unique devices. Using only materials found at their homes, they developed a  product with one or two simple machines. The class then displayed their inventions at an Inventor’s Museum on Jan. 19. Connolly students from all grades and their parents had an opportunity to see and hear presentations on each invention.

Students’ Artwork Selected for PARP Logo

Students’ Artwork Selected for PARP Logo
The beautiful artwork of Connolly School fifth-grader Natalia Monsale and Landing School fifth-grader Taylor Enrile were chosen as the official designs for the district’s Pick A Reading Partner program.
The students’ illustrations centered around this year’s PARP theme, “Peace, Love and Reading.” The artwork was featured on all of the PARP materials distributed throughout the district’s elementary buildings. PARP is a statewide PTA program that encourages parents to read with their children for at least 15 minutes daily.

Community Readers Day at Connolly

Community Readers Day at Connolly

Special guest readers visited Connolly School students when the school hosted its Community Readers Day as part of its Pick a Reading Partner celebration.

New York State Assemblyman Charles Lavine, Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello, Glen Cove Chief of Police William Whitton, Superintendent Dr. Maria Rianna, community members, senior citizens and district professionals read grade level-appropriate books to the students. The visitors also spoke to the children about their professional careers and how reading helped them to become successful.

Academic Intervention Services teacher Dora Ricciardi organized the Community Readers Day and expressed her gratitude to all of the volunteers who generously gave their time to benefit the school’s students.

In addition to reading daily during PARP, Connolly students will visit and read to students at Gribbin School.