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Deasy School - Winter Concert 2017

Deasy Students Learn About Voting

Deasy School second-graders had the opportunity to meet City of Glen Cove mayoral candidates, current City of Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello and Councilman Tim Tenke. The students developed questions to ask each candidate and voted the following day based on the knowledge they gained. Students learned about the role of the mayor, along with the democratic voting process.

Veterans Visit Deasy

Veterans Visit Deasy photo

Students at Deasy School enjoyed several visits from veterans in honor of  Veterans Day.

Second-graders in Maura Haff’s and Marci Notice’s classes spent time with Christle Schneider on Nov. 9. Ms. Schneider served in the Navy and discussed the meaning of Veterans Day with students.  

Army veteran and class parent Janine Grech visited first-grade students in Mary Maloney’s class. Ms. Grech shared her Army experiences with the class and shared some special items from her time as a medic in Iraq.

Preschool students in Dayna Connolly’s class also enjoyed a special visitor. Marine Captain Ryan Doland read “Hero Dad” by Melinda Hardin to students. He also shared information about the helicopter he flies, his tenure in the military and explained what men and women in the different military branches do.

Captain Doland has been serving in the Marines for 10 years. During that time, he has lived in several U.S. states and has been deployed to Afghanistan and other countries in Europe. He is a CH-53E helicopter pilot but is currently working at the 1st Marine Corps recruiting district in Garden City. 


Deasy Students Create Cards for Veterans

Deasy Students Create Cards for Veterans photo
Deasy second-graders in Mrs. Maura Haff’s class and Mrs. Marci Notice’s class handcrafted cards for veterans to thank them for their service. The cards were delivered to the American Legion in Glen Head.

Red Ribbon Art Contest

Red Ribbon Art Contest photo
Deasy School students participated in an art contest as part of its Red Ribbon Week activities. Congratulations to the following students:

Banessa Jimenez Santos (first place)
Sophia Penafiel (second place)
Sophia Yanes Villatoro (third place)

First Grade
Helen Manzanares (first place)
Angelina La Capria (second place)
Kaitlyn Grech (third place)

Second Grade
Nicole Padilla (first place)
Carlos Rios Flores (second place)
Aly Aguilar (third place)


How Many Seeds Are in a Pumpkin? Ask Deasy Second-Graders

How Many Seeds Are in a Pumpkin? Ask Deasy Second-Graders photo

Deasy School second-grade students in Michael Battaglia’s class recently conducted a pumpkin seed-guessing contest.

The lesson began with students creating a script for the contest that asked, “How many seeds do you think are in a pumpkin?” Students practiced the script and then recorded it using an iPhone. They then used the editing program iMovie to edit and publish their final movie. After uploading it to YouTube and the class website,, they sent emails out to parents, members of the administration and teachers asking them to vote on how many seeds they thought were in the pumpkin. After about a week or so of guessing, the class opened up the pumpkin and sorted the seeds into groups of 10. They then grouped ten 10s together to make 100. Once they determined how many seeds were in fact inside the pumpkin, they created a page on their class website explaining the process of how to conduct a pumpkin seed-guessing contest and announced the winners. Here’s the link:


Deasy Students Explore Science and Share Their Findings

Deasy Students Explore Science and Share Their Findings photo

October has been a month filled with exploration and discovery for Deasy first-graders. The students enjoyed their first unit of study in science, studying plant and animal superpowers and the ways living things adapt to the world.

To start their inquiry, the students explored what it means to be a scientist through investigating leaves to learn what types of trees grow at Deasy School. Students collected data (leaves), compared and contrasted (sorted) them, and drew conclusions to figure out that there are oak, maple and beech trees growing on the Deasy playground.  

They then began to explore the human body and the function of the skeletal system. Students learned how different systems, such as the skeletal system, have specific and important functions that help humans survive. They listened to informational texts, took a close look at different models and were able to replicate and create their own model of the human skeleton. Students were then able to share their research with their classmates and parents at a Halloween party.


Glen Cove Says Goodbye to Beloved Teacher

Julie Esposito Photo
Julie Esposito, an ENL teacher at Deasy Elementary School for 12 years, passed away on Oct. 12 after surgical complications of pancreatic cancer. Julie was the beloved wife of Paul Esposito and the loving mother of Sonia and James. She was the sister of Jacqueline Morra, also a teacher in the Glen Cove Schools. Her parents Joseph and JoAnn Giardina survive her.

Julie was always actively involved in the district by being part of the Deasy Sunshine Fund, International Night, PARP and Safety Committee. She loved her ENL students like her own children and supported them and their families. Julie’s smile and optimism were felt by everyone who knew her. She will be sorely missed by her Deasy friends and colleagues in Glen Cove, whom she considered family. Julie’s family would like to thank everyone from Glen Cove Schools for their support during this difficult time. The outpouring of love is a testament to Julie’s love of life and teaching.

Julie’s family is creating a scholarship to celebrate her life. The yearly fund will send an ENL student to YMCA summer camp. For more details about the scholarship, please contact Coleen Grove at or Steve Bromberg

Deasy Hosts Parent University

Deasy Hosts Parent University photo
Deasy Hosts Parent University photo 2
Deasy Hosts Parent University photo 3
Deasy Hosts Parent University photo 4
Deasy School hosted a Parent University on Monday, Oct. 16. While parents attended workshops, students, who dressed in their pajamas, watched a movie with their friends. The parents left the workshops with additional tools to assist their children when reading together, ways to help sharpen their math skills and a solid knowledge base for using databases utilized at school and at home.  

The workshops offered included Read With Your Child, given by ELA Coordinator Andrew DiNapoli, Help Your Child at Home With Math, given by Math AIS teacher Heather Sutz and Learn the Databases Students Use at School by STREAM teachers Jessica McKenna and Giselle Taylor.

Monthly Family Nights Begin

Family Nights Begin

To combat the busy schedules of families, the district has implemented a monthly Family Night. On Family Night, students will not be assigned any homework from their classroom teachers, allowing their families to preplan fun activities, without interruption.

Family Night will be held on the following dates:
Oct. 25        Jan. 31          April 18
Nov. 22        Feb. 14         May 23
Dec. 20        March 21       June 13