Landing Recognizes Jr. NBA Skills Challenge Winners

Landing Recognizes Jr. NBA Skills Challenge Winners
Landing School students participated in the Jr. NBA skills challenge in January. As part of the contest, students competed in skills and drills, such as dribbling, passing and shooting against their schoolmates based on their age. Physical education teacher Karen Serani expressed her pride in all of the students who entered the contest. The following were winners in their age division:

Boys Under 12
1st place: Jordan Howe - 33 points
2nd place: Jadyn Johnson - 23 points
3rd place tie: Eli Reinheimer and Warren Toutoute - 21 points

Girls Under 12
1st place: Nia Phillips -17 points
2nd place: Jazaniah Nellis -13 points
3rd place: Hayden Vieyra - 10 points

The seven finalists will compete in the Regional Competition in April at Basketball City on Pier 36 in New York City. Congratulations!

Landing Celebrates Triple Record Holder

Landing Celebrates Triple Record Holder
Landing fifth-grader Jonathan Patino is the first triple record holder for the school’s PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) fitness test.

Jonathan recorded the highest scores on the PACER test in grades 3-5, completing 61 laps in grade 3, 70 laps in grade 4, and 83 laps in grade 5. Jonathan’s tenacity and desire for success, along with incredible support from his family, helped him to earn this outstanding achievement.

The PACER test involves continuous running between two lines in time to recorded beeps. The time between recorded beeps decreases each minute (level) requiring an increase in pace. It is part of the health-related fitness concepts taught in physical education. The PACER tests cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance and overall fitness levels.

PARP Wraps Up at Landing


Landing School concluded its Pick a Reading Partner program on Jan. 27, with a relay race-type event, cherry pie filling, silly string, pancake syrup and multicolored feathers.

The assembly began with PARP coordinators and teachers Maria DePace and Stefanie Liptzin distributing books — donated by the PTA — to students who won contests for reading and other challenges related to the celebration. 

During the school’s two weeks of PARP, the children were tasked with reading more than 40,000 minutes. Principal Benjamin Roberts was very excited to announce that they met and exceeded the school’s goal, reading a total of 40,281 minutes.

For exceeding their goal, the students were rewarded with a special assembly. Students Jeremiah Ede, Mark LaRocca and Emely Aguilar Martinez were randomly selected to go head-to-head with Principal Roberts and the PARP coordinators in a relay race-type activity. The losing team had to pick a mystery box, which contained a prank they had to endure. Liptzin was sprayed with silly string, DePace took two tins filled with cherry pie filling to the face and Roberts was covered in pancake syrup and feathers.  

The students took part in a variety of activities during the PARP program including visiting Deasy School to read to others. They also took part in several spirit-themed days, such as Character Dress Up Day, Crazy Sock Day and Jersey Day.

Students’ Artwork Selected for PARP Logo

Students’ Artwork Selected for PARP Logo
The beautiful artwork of Connolly School fifth-grader Natalia Monsale and Landing School fifth-grader Taylor Enrile were chosen as the official designs for the district’s Pick A Reading Partner program.
The students’ illustrations centered around this year’s PARP theme, “Peace, Love and Reading.” The artwork was featured on all of the PARP materials distributed throughout the district’s elementary buildings. PARP is a statewide PTA program that encourages parents to read with their children for at least 15 minutes daily.