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First Place Honors for Finley Musicians

First Place Honors for Finley Musicians photo
First Place Honors for Finley Musicians photo 2
First Place Honors for Finley Musicians photo 3
Seventh and eighth grade music students of the Robert M. Finley Middle School Concert Band, Chorus and String Orchestra attended the Music in the Parks Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on June 7. There, the groups competed in a performance competition against other talented performing groups from schools across the tristate area. Each group performed a warmup piece, followed by two adjudicated pieces. The concert band, chorus and string orchestra all received first place in their divisions. The chorus received its first Superior rating, and the orchestra won Best Overall Orchestra with a Superior rating. Principal Nelson Iocolano would like to congratulate the music students for their hard work and outstanding achievements!

Second Graders Become ‘Wormologists’

Second Graders Become ‘Wormologists’

Second graders at Deasy and Gribbin took part in a worm investigation this week with their classroom teachers. Greentree Foundation instructor and Adelphi University professor Mary Jean McCarthy spent a day at each primary school to lead students and their teachers in exploring the spineless superhero – the earthworm! Students learned about the importance of worms in our native gardens and in food production. They also conducted investigations aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

International Feast at Connolly

International Feast at Connolly photo

Fifth grade students at Connolly School engaged in a six-week exploration of different cultures. Each class adopted a different continent and students then split into groups to research countries within that continent. Fifth graders wrote about geography, landmarks, food and other important aspects of culture, and the culminating project was a research paper written collaboratively with other students in the group. Children presented the projects and then experienced different foods related to the countries and continent they researched. Learning about different cultures can be a great way of developing an understanding of cultural diversity.

Kindergarten Butterfly Research Study

Kindergarten Butterfly Research Study photo

Over the past several weeks, kindergarten students across the district have been part of a research study on butterflies. Students found answers to their “wonderings” by reading nonfiction books, using the PebbleGo database and observing live insects. They also raised painted lady butterflies in their classrooms for hands-on learning about the butterfly life cycle and went on field trips to enhance and support their classroom learning.

Silver Rating for Finley Band

Silver Rating for Finley Band
Congratulations to R.M. Finley Middle School’s seventh grade band, which received a Silver rating on their Level 3 NYSSMA Majors performance at Hofstra University. This was the first time the group performed as a Level 3. Congratulations!

Fifth Grade Science Fair at Connolly

Fifth Grade Science Fair at Connolly
Fifth Grade Science Fair at Connolly
Fifth Grade Science Fair at Connolly
Connolly fifth graders engaged in the school’s annual science fair on June 7. Students worked in groups of two or three to explore different scientific concepts through inquiry, including absorbency, tooth decay, pulse, handedness, floating paper, producing shadows and memory. The fifth grade students then chose a topic to research and explore using the scientific method. Finally, the groups summarized their findings in their presentation.

Gribbin First Graders ‘Vacation on Mars’

Gribbin First Graders ‘Vacation on Mars’

First graders at Gribbin School showed off their musical talents and knowledge of the solar system during their production of “Vacation on Mars” on June 6.

Dressed in colorful outfits adorned with their very own artwork, students danced and sang solar system-related music, including “Mars, Mars,” the “Moon Song” and “The Earth Song” as a family sets out on a journey to Mars. Through a variety of “teleporter” mishaps, the family never makes it to Mars, but they do see the moon and sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Venus, among other planets, before returning to Earth.   

The youngsters were joyful as they performed a flawless production, with help from their teachers. Principal Francine Santoro, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Dr. Michael Israel joined students and parents for their performance. Santoro congratulated the students on a “super fantastic” play that taught everyone in attendance a lot about the solar system.

Excellence Award for Gribbin’s Hatzopoulos

Excellence Award for Gribbin’s Hatzopoulos
Excellence Award for Gribbin’s Hatzopoulos
Excellence Award for Gribbin’s Hatzopoulos
Excellence Award for Gribbin’s Hatzopoulos
Gribbin School first grade teacher Maria Antoinette Hatzopoulos received the 2018–2019 Margaret Simon Award for Excellence in Elementary Social Studies given by the Long Island Council for the Social Studies.

Ms. Hatzopoulos is an educationally sound teacher who has been teaching first grade at Gribbin since 1993. She has established herself as a well-versed elementary teacher in the district and is an educator that brings social studies to life. Ms. Hatzopoulos demonstrates how important and vital social studies is at the elementary level. She continues to be a vital asset in promoting Glen Cove schools and empowers the Glen Cove community and its district’s youth to excel. 

On behalf of the Glen Cove City School District, congratulations! We are so proud and honored to have you as part of our school district and community.

Downloading Google Data for Graduating Seniors


As our graduating seniors prepare to move on, we wanted to let you know about a tool that will allow them to take all of the files, documents and other information that they have built up in their Glen Cove Google account with them.

Google Takeout is a tool that lets users download whatever data they choose from their Google account to be saved or used with other programs and services outside of Google. It can be accessed by signing in to a Glen Cove Google account and then going to

If you are planning to download any information from a student Google account, please do so by 8/1/19. After that date, account access for seniors who have graduated will be disabled.



Golden G Awards for Cofield and Hudson!

Golden G Awards for Cofield and Hudson
Congratulations to E’Shone Cofield and Trinity Hudson for earning the Golden G, Glen Cove High School Athletic Department’s most prestigious award! Best of luck to these two future collegiate athletes.

Kiwanis Honors Finley Students

Kiwanis Honors Finley Students
Kiwanis Honors Finley Students 2
Kiwanis Honors Finley Students 3
Kiwanis Honors Finley Students 4
Kiwanis Honors Finley Students 5
Kiwanis Honors Finley Students 6
Congratulations to R.M. Finley Middle School students Christopher Gielbeda and Maximino Chavez, who were honored by the Kiwanis Long Island North Division on June 3. Christopher received a Most Improved Athlete Award and Maximino was recognized as a Most Improved Student. The boys have made their families and school community proud!

A Night of Celebration

A Night of Celebration
A Night of Celebration 2
A Night of Celebration 3
A Night of Celebration 4
The Board of Education meeting on June 5 was filled with joy and celebration. The district commended volunteers who helped tutor younger students, said goodbye to retirees who have given many years of service to Glen Cove and congratulated 13 tenure recipients.

The meeting first spotlighted the student volunteers who work with their struggling peers. Students recognized included Aisling Greene, Alessandra Juarez, Caralena Genova, Ellie Knobel and Morgan Starke, who participated with second graders in the math mentoring program, and Carlos Rios, who volunteered with kindergartners after school.

“The impact you’re making is profound, and you should be proud of the work you’ve done,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna said. “Please continue to be positive role models for other students to follow.”

In what was bittersweet for the various school district representatives who spoke on their behalf, Glen Cove also said goodbye to six retirees who are moving on to the next stage of their lives. This includes Rosemarie Bongiorno, ENL teacher; Debra Mercante, secretary; Sheryl Palmer, science teacher; Carmelina Peralta, school psychologist; Sarah Phegley, elementary teacher; and Donna Staab, elementary teacher. Dr. Rianna thanked them for their contributions to the Glen Cove family and wished them luck in their future endeavors.

To wrap up the recognition portion of the Board meeting, the 13 tenure recipients were celebrated. After going through the multilayered requirements to attain tenure, these Glen Cove educators were each commended by their principals and department heads. Dr. Rianna shared words of wisdom with them as well.

“Don’t lose your passion,” she said. “Please continue the wonderful work you do on a daily basis and take care of our students.”

Tenure recipients included:
Ann-Marie Cairo, speech and language.
Rebecca Carfora, English language arts.
Cynthia Geraci, elementary.
Melissa Harechmak, elementary.
Allison Hernandez, director of special education.
Scott Johnson, special education.
Laura Makula, special education.
Mary Maloney, elementary.
Danielle Pedretti, reading.
Marissa Plactere, elementary.
Tracy Roberts, social studies.
Tamara Sequino, special education.
Rachel Sheridan, special education.

Animal Museum at Gribbin

Animal Museum at Gribbin photo

The second grade students in Gribbin School recently organized an animal museum. Displayed in the exhibit were dioramas, murals and nonfiction books students wrote on specific animals from habitats they researched in class.

Each class studied a different habitat. Students then researched an animal from that specific habitat and wrote a book based on their research findings. Each class rotated to a different teacher over five days to learn about all of the different habitats, including the ocean, rainforest, savannah, arctic, desert and woodland forests. Students researched their animal’s classification, appearance, diet, habitat, movement, sounds and babies. Along the way, they also found fun facts about their animals. On the day of the museum the students came in wearing clothing related to the habitat studied in their classroom. Parents as well as the Gribbin student body as a whole were invited to attend the museum.

Field Day Awards at Landing

Field Day Awards at Landing

Landing School’s Field Day was held on May 22. During the event, this year’s New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Excellence in Physical Education awards were given to NaSean Barnes and Siena Scagliola. Exceptional-fitness physical education trophies were given to students Sarah Ayiku, Ziyauni Chandler, Kalia Edwards, Arden Jimenez, Marco Johnson, Joseph Leftwich, Kasey Miller, Miguel Rivera Flores, Jordan Robinson, Sebastian Sadowski, Rose Tursi and Leybis Villatoro. Joshua Kunzel and Mia Lupinksi were awarded the Courage Trophy, which is given to a student who demonstrates superior courage throughout the school year. In addition, Jr. NBA winners were celebrated, as was Kalia Edwards, who raised $1,200 – the most money in school history – during the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.

Fitness plays a big role in the physical education program at Landing School. Students try to improve their fitness levels by participating in various activities throughout the academic school year. Students take baseline and summative fitness tests to document individual improvements. A number of students achieved 80 sit-ups on both their prefitness and postfitness tests for curl-ups. That is an incredible achievement. Congratulations to those students and to all those who achieved 80 curl-ups! 

First-Place Honors for Wind Ensemble

First-Place Honors for Wind Ensemble
First-Place Honors for Wind Ensemble
On May 31, the Glen Cove High School Wind Ensemble traveled to Pennsylvania to compete at the 2019 Music in the Parks competition at Dorney Park. The group performed for a panel of judges and competed against high schools from all over the tri-state area. The wind ensemble was awarded first place in its division as well as Best Overall Instrumental Ensemble of the festival. Mrs. Frank Rifkind could not be more proud of how the group performed and the level of musicianship and professionalism that was demonstrated. Congratulations to all! 

District Celebrates Memorial Day Essay Contest Winners

District Celebrates Memorial Day Essay Contest Winners
District Celebrates Memorial Day Essay Contest Winners
District Celebrates Memorial Day Essay Contest Winners
District Celebrates Memorial Day Essay Contest Winners
District Celebrates Memorial Day Essay Contest Winners
Congratulations to Gribbin School second grader Natalia Marconi and Landing School fourth grader Elisabeth Nash for being selected winners of Assemblyman Charles Lavine’s Memorial Day Essay Contest. Both students received certificates of merit for their essays, which described why Memorial Day is an important day and what is means to them. Congratulations!

Glen Cove Music Takes the Gold

Glen Cove Music Takes the Gold photo
Glen Cove Music Takes the Gold photo 2
Glen Cove Music Takes the Gold photo 3
The Glen Cove High School Wind Ensemble, Mixed Chorus and Select Chorale traveled to Hofstra University on May 20 and May 21 to perform at the 2019 NYSSMA Major Organization Festival. All three groups prepared repertoire that was performed in front of two adjudicators and were then rated based on their performances. The guidelines used for judging are rigorous and require extra preparation from the groups. The wind ensemble and mixed chorus were given a top rating of Gold, while the select chorale was awarded the prestigious Gold with Distinction rating. Congratulations to all those who participated! 

Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting

Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
District students are enjoying a delicious, nutritious treat thanks to the Farm to School program funded by a grant from the NYS Dept of Agriculture.
According to district Child Nutrition Director Kim Coopersmith, the students’ first tasting was asparagus and the next will be spinach. 

“We will be bringing in different crops based on what’s in season over the next two years for the students to taste. Hopefully, these relationships we are building with the local farms will be a lasting relationship, and we hope to incorporate some of the favorites into our regular menus,” Coopersmith said.

At each school, students are taking part in conversations with Farm to School Coordinator Bhavani Jaroff about the taste of “green foods,” the nutritional value of asparagus, and are learning the plant is a perennial.

According to the National Farm to School Network, Farm to School enriches the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools and early care and education sites.

The voluntary taste test began at Landing School on May 28. It will continue to all district schools before wrapping up on June 4.

Finley Students Attend Sixth Grade Conference at Hofstra

Finley Students Attend Sixth Grade Conference at Hofstra photo

R. M. Finley Middle School sixth graders attended the 34th annual Sixth Grade Conference Day at Hofstra University on May 29. The theme for this year’s conference day was “Be Here Now,” with student participants learning about mindfulness, careers, the consequences of smoking, and using drugs and/or alcohol. They also learned about creating an upstanding community and the dangers of social media and cyberbullying.

District Students Honor and Remember Veterans on Memorial Day

District Students Honor and Remember Veterans on Memorial Day photo

In honor of Memorial Day, students from K-12 studied, discussed, observed and honored the men and women who died while serving in the United States military.

Students from grades 2-6 participated in a Memorial Day Essay Contest hosted by Assemblyman Charles D. Lavine. Teachers led discussions with their students on why Memorial Day is an important day and asked them to reflect on what the day means to them.

Eighth grade and 11th grade social studies classes spent the day with Nassau County Vietnam War veterans and Glen Cove City veterans. The veterans discussed the personal and military experiences they endured during wartime. Special thanks to Jerry Bryne, Gary Glick, Paul Grieco, Bob Kohler, Sal Martella, Steve Ratnoff, Eric Spinner, Richard Winter and organizer Pat Yngstrom from the Nassau County Vietnam War Veterans; and Tony Jimenez, Army veteran and director of Veterans Affairs, City of Glen Cove; retired Marine Fred Nielson and active duty Marine Staff Sgt. Cherise Herrera, our Glen Cove veterans.

Landing Elementary teachers Mrs. Nicole Mazza, Ms. Courtney McCord and Ms. Romano invited Lt. James Figari and veteran Paul Grieco into their classrooms. The pair spoke to students about the importance of Memorial Day and, in return, students had the opportunity to ask questions.

To end the week, Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society hosted Jeans for Troops Day. Students designated May 22 as a day when the district honors all those who serve our military.  Members of the honor society conducted a bake sale and collected monetary donations from faculty/staff. The organization raised $832, and all of the proceeds went to helping our veterans with employment, housing and health care.

On behalf of the social studies department and Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society, we thank our faculty, staff and administrative team for the continuous support and collaboration to make all these events a success!  

Sun and Fun at Landing Field Day


The students were smiling and the sun was shining when Landing School held its annual Field Day celebration on May 22.

Organized by physical education teacher Karen Serani, students participated in a water balloon toss, a three-legged race, a variety of different relay events and more. Throughout the event, students were entertained by music and were excited to have representatives from the New York Islanders in attendance. The New York Islanders provided a bouncy house, an obstacle course and a hockey shot for the youngsters to enjoy. 

Ms. Serani expressed her gratitude to the New York Islanders organization, as well as the parents and volunteers who made the day one the students will never forget! 


Meet and Greet for Connolly and Landing Fifth Graders

Meet and Greet for Connolly and Landing Fifth Graders
Meet and Greet for Connolly and Landing Fifth Graders 2
Meet and Greet for Connolly and Landing Fifth Graders 3
Meet and Greet for Connolly and Landing Fifth Graders 4
Fifth grade students from Connolly and Landing schools recently gathered at Connolly School for the annual Meet and Greet. During the visit, Student Council presidents gave speeches and agreed to work together in their new endeavors at middle school. The students also shared letters with one another and engaged in teambuilding activities.  

Adventureland Trip for Finley Students

Adventureland Trip for Finley Students photo

On May 22, more than 500 sixth, seventh and eighth graders from the R. M. Finley Middle School took a break from their studies to enjoy a schoolwide trip to Adventureland in Farmingdale.

The park was closed to the public for Finley students to enjoy, and everyone in attendance had a wonderful day filled with rides, games and sunshine. To support students, the middle school PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) Committee sponsored four scholarships for the trip. Students earned tickets for displaying positive behavior throughout the school and were able to use the tickets to enter a raffle for a scholarship. The outing was a wonderful way to build a positive school climate and foster the relationship between students and staff. We look forward to making this an annual school tradition.

Students Collaborate to Create Ocean-Inspired Art

Students Collaborate to Create Ocean-Inspired Art photo

The Student Senate, led by Ms. Susan Poulos, visited kindergarten and second grade classrooms at Gribbin and Deasy elementary schools to teach and create ocean-inspired paper art with the younger students. The Students Rebuild Program sponsors this project. This year’s theme is Ocean Challenge/Ocean Conservation. For every piece of artwork the students created, the Bezos Family Foundation donated $2 to programs training coastal youth in ocean conservation and coral restoration. Thank you to Addison Huvane, a Student Senate member who brought and inspired members of Student Senate to participate with this civic action project.

Special thanks to Principal Antonio Santana, Principal Francine Santoro, Principal Melanie Arfman, Mrs. Susan Poulos and all the faculty and staff who supported this program. A total of $ 1,338 in donations was raised from this project by creating a 669 pieces of artwork.

High School Orchestra Is Superior!

High School Orchestra Is Superior photo
Glen Cove High School’s orchestra, led by teacher Jim Guarini, earned a superior ranking at the Long Island Music Festival held in Dorney Park, Pennsylvania. Students performed two adjudicated pieces in the Foy Concert Hall at Moravian College and received perfect scores for both selections! Congratulations! 

Landing Students Learn the Importance of Memorial Day

Landing Students Learn the Importance of Memorial Day photo
Landing students in Ms. Courtney McCord’s AIS classes displayed their depth of knowledge mastery, while honoring our fallen veterans for the upcoming Memorial Day. Students in grade 3 read a fiction story about a boy visiting his grandmother for Memorial Day weekend and learning many exciting facts about the reason he had off from school for the holiday. The students shared the author's perspective on various pages of the text.

Students in grades 4-5 read a nonfiction text describing how and why Americans recognize Memorial Day as a national holiday. The students demonstrated various ELA skills including determining the main idea and supporting details of a text, connecting text and visuals, and comparing and contrasting organizational text structures.

Glen Cove Community Approves 2019-20 School Budget

vote slide
Budget Vote Results:

Yes/ Sí – 913, No – 483 

Budget Passes.
El presupuesto ha sido aprobado. Gracias.

Prop 2: Establishment of a Capital Reserve Fund 
Yes/ Sí - 876
No - 413

La Proposición # 2 ha sido aprobada.

Board of Education Election Results:
Karen Ferguson - 584
David Huggins - 466
Alexander Juarez – 337
Lia Leone - 796
Daniel Rios - 364
Felicitaciones a Karen Ferguson y Lia Leone por ganar la elección de la Junta.

Congratulations to newly elected trustees Karen Ferguson and Lia Leone. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna extends her gratitude to the community for its continued support. 

More From Gribbin’s Global Day of Design

More From Gribbin’s Global Day of Design photo

Gribbin School celebrated Global Day of Design on May 6. The goal of the event is to help foster a transformation in schools in which design will be incorporated into an everyday practice. By affording students the time to tinker, build and create, the school’s hope is that they realize the many opportunities involving design in everyday objects, places and professions. The students enjoyed using various materials to create their own masterpieces.



Students Shine in ‘Les Misérables’

Students Shine in ‘Les Misérables’ photo

Students thespians from Glen Cove High School’s Masquers recently delivered an outstanding rendition of “Les Misérables School Edition” for family members, peers and community members.

The world-renowned play, set in 19th-century France, tells the tale of Jean Valjean, who is released from years of unjust imprisonment, but finds nothing in store for him but mistrust and mistreatment. Valjean breaks his parole in hopes of starting a new life. He begins a lifelong struggle for redemption, but is relentlessly pursued by police inspector Javert, who refuses to believe he can change his ways. Finally, during the Paris student uprising of 1832, Javert must confront his ideals after Valjean spares his life and saves that of the student revolutionary who has captured the heart of Valjean’s adopted daughter.

“Words cannot express the pride that I feel as the music director and conductor for the Masquers students. These kids took the daunting task of preparing and performing one of the hardest theatrical pieces in the repertoire with ease. To see that level of focus and commitment from our kids was just inspiring,” director Ed Norris said. “To have this show come out the way it did, especially with all of the obstacles is something that I will never forget. 

Mr. Norris expressed his gratitude to stage director Chakira Doherty for her spirit and vision, and to all of the students for their continued commitment to excellence. Bravo!

Landing Students Showcase Their Study of Brazil

Landing Students Showcase Their Study of Brazil photo

Landing Elementary School third graders recently participated in the Communities Around the World Project. The students learned about Brazilian culture and the political, social and economic components that define Brazil, and were tasked with creating posters and carnival masks to showcase their learning.

The children read two articles from the National Geographic Ladders Social Studies series “Welcome to Brazil.” They worked collaboratively in their reading groups to stop and jot notes from “Into the Rain Forest” by David Holford and “Let’s Go to Carnival” by Hugh Westrup. Using the information they learned, they then constructed posters that included important facts, animals, celebrations, traditions and landmarks significant to Brazilian culture. They also designed carnival masks that were inspired by their learning. Finally, the children shared their projects with each other and watched a video about carnival celebrations around the world.  Students were able to compare and contrast the different celebrations and make a common connection to communities around the world. They learned that we may all come from different backgrounds and cultures, but we are all part of the same human race.

Thank you to all our third grade teachers, Mrs. Tenke and Ms. Oliveira, ICT teachers Ms. Conte and Mrs. Cornelis, and teaching assistants Ms. Gomez and Mrs. Glaviano, who prepared and planned this project, and the third grade students who participated in this activity.

Gribbin Students Get Creative on Global Design Day

Gribbin Students Get Creative on Global Design Day
Gribbin School kindergartners in Mr. John Segreti’s class and students in Ms. Jessica Totino’s class enthusiastically participated in Global Day of Design on May 6.

Mr. Segreti’s class designed a classroom bowling alley, “Segreti’s Lanes.” Everything including the pins, backboard and the ball were constructed from recyclable materials. Ms. Totino’s class chose a different approach to the day. Students mapped out original designs on paper and used recycled materials or objects they required from the “Maker Box” to construct them. Students brainstormed ideas independently and created their masterpieces, which consisted of robots, houses, animals, cars and more.

The students had been learning about the need to save and protect the Earth since April. This project reinforced the idea that if everyone recycles a little bit, it can make a difference and the result will be a better future for everyone.

Landing Students Use Technology to Create Reading Projects

Landing Students Use Technology to Create Reading Projects photo
Landing Students Use Technology to Create Reading Projects photo 2
Students in Ms. Simeone’s fifth grade class at Landing Elementary School just finished reading “Esperanza Rising” by Pam Munoz. The students used the program Storyboard on their Chromebooks to develop events utilizing descriptive details and event sequences. Students incorporated narrative techniques, such as dialogue, description and pacing, to develop experiences and events or show the responses of characters to situations. On May 3, the class presented their projects to Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Dr. Michael Israel.

Board Celebrates District Students’ Achievements


The outstanding achievements of more than 125 students were honored by the Board of Education, members of the administration and community members at the BOE meeting on May 8 at Glen Cove High School.

Student-artists who received accolades from the Art Supervisors Association were recognized, as were All-State and All-County musicians, spelling bee winners, members of the Glen Cove TV crew and those students earning photography awards. Additionally, two students were celebrated for their success at the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad competition, and members of the Northwell Health Medical Marvels team and Spark! Challenge team participants were honored.  

Board members and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna expressed their pride in the students, commending them for their hard work and achievements during the 2018-2019 school year. 

“We truly have an amazing student body and wonderful teachers who support and guide our students to victory, success and achievement on a daily basis,” Dr. Rianna said.   

Landing Students Share Writing With Peers

Landing Students Share Writing With Peers photo
Fourth and fifth graders in Mrs. Mendrino’s and Ms. Harechmak’s classes at Landing School met to share their informational writing, as part of the Readers and Writers Workshop program. 

Fourth graders shared their finished projects on the American Revolution and then listened to the fifth graders present their e-books on westward expansion, which they created using Book Creator. All of the students were genuinely interested and focused on the presenter and showed tremendous respect for each other. In attendance during the writing share were Ms. Alexa Doeschner, interim principal of Landing, and Ms. Thomas, security personnel at Landing. Collaboration such as this is rewarding for all of the students because they can take pride in their work, while reinforcing the information they have learned.

Boys Lacrosse Wears Gray in May

Boys Lacrosse Wears Gray in May
Glen Cove High School’s varsity and junior varsity boys lacrosse teams are wearing gray socks in the month of May in support of brain cancer awareness. The teams are donating money to support Madison Milio, the 5-year-old daughter of New Hyde Park coach Mike Milio. Madison has recently been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. The Big Red and all of Nassau County lacrosse are teaming up to help Madison in her fight. 

Students Visit National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Students Visit National September 11 Memorial & Museum
Students Visit National September 11 Memorial & Museum 2
Students Visit National September 11 Memorial & Museum 3
Glen Cove High School students visited the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City on May 2. As part of their visit, they participated in a workshop with a 9/11 Memorial educator, who discussed the significance of September 11 and how that day impacts our lives today. She also explained the history of the World Trade Center. The students took a guided tour of the museum, visited the Memorial Pools and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, known as the Oculus. They were accompanied by Glen Cove High School teachers Liana Caesar-Quaye, Scott Johnson, Laura Makula and Rachel Sheridan. 

National Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society Hosts Inaugural Induction


Glen Cove High School was recognized by Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society as a national chapter on Aug. 7, 2018. On Wednesday, May 1, 18 students from the junior and senior classes were acknowledged and inducted by Glen Cove High School and the National Council for Social Studies for their academic performance, overall participation at school and community service. Congratulations to the 2018-2019 inductees:

Steven Bailey
Sofia Costantino
Andrew Costella III
Megan Fahey
Fernanda Falcon
Andres Garcia Concepcion
Sara Garcia
Adriana Gigliotti
Caitriona Greene
Elijah James
Nicole Khaimov
Axelle LaBaw
Emma Spoto
Evelyn Tran
Yllka Valdez
Nicole Valensisi
Chloe Ventura
Abigail Weiser

Special thanks to the Glen Cove High School Social Studies Department, District Social Studies Coordinator Sheena R. Jacob, faculty, staff and administration for its continuous support and efforts throughout the school year.

VIDEO: Glen Cove Pride


Watch Glen Cove High School students show off their pride! 

Cultures Celebrated at International Night

Cultures Celebrated at International Night

Glen Cove High School hosted International Night on April 15. The theme was Travel Through the World, and families were welcomed by students dressed as flight attendants who issued them a passport.

Upon entering the gymnasium, visitors were invited to explore students’ posterboard projects representing different countries and locations. The boards included information about the region’s population, languages spoken, currency, music, art, legends, famous sites, biomes and more. As the visitors walked further, they were met by student-volunteers who had prepared games, riddles, a photo booth and a group Kahoot! game session. Additionally, senior Olivia Martino created henna drawings at the event. 

Several community-based organizations also attended, providing information about the services and resources they provide. This year, New York Institute of Technology’s STEP program participated as well, with activities including a makerspace based on Earth Day projects, Wobble Bots, making of seed pods to take home, the science behind bath bombs, beach cleanup and a blood pressure station for adults.

Finally, the families were treated to an international food tasting while listening to music by DJ Simeon. Junior Ylka Valdez shared a passionate speech about immigration in Spanish and English, part of a solutions project for the NYIT STEP program. The evening concluded with a Dance Club performance.

It was a great event that was enjoyed by all of our attendees. Students came together to celebrate their diversity and proudly shared their projects about the different countries and regions represented in the school.

Improved Moody’s Credit Rating

Improved Moody’s Credit Rating photo
The district is proud to report that over the past few years, the district has substantially improved the operation and management of its business office according to Moody’s Investors Services.

Glen Cove Schools have established a positive financial position, enabling it to earn an Aa2 Moody’s rating, which raises the district’s credit score and gives it a much more attractive interest rate for loans. In fact, this rating helps greatly in securing the lowest possible interest rate for a future bond referendum, which can save million savings for taxpayers over the life of a bond. The district was also favorably cited by Moody’s for its “healthy and growing financial position.”

“Based on the efforts of our Assistant Superintendent for Business Victoria Galante over the past six years, we have gotten to a place where we are healthier financially than we have been in a long time,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna. “As a result, Glen Cove City School District has received attention from Moody’s that resulted in such a wonderful outcome.”

Photography Student Receives National Award, Others Win Regional Awards

art image

Several Glen Cove High School photography students won awards on both the local and national level of this year’s Photographic Society of America’s Youth Showcase. Juniors Michelle Bratcher, Elizabeth Ceriello, Michel Quezada-Cordova and senior Alexa Dominguez took home first, second and third place honors in various categories of the PSA’s regional competition.

Michel’s photograph then went on to win first place in the People/Animals category of the national competition. Her photograph and artist’s statement will soon be featured on the PSA’s website ( Michel has had several photography wins throughout her high school career, which her family and photography teacher Mrs. Melissa Johnides are incredibly proud of.   


Cradle of Aviation Trip for Deasy First Graders

Cradle of Aviation Trip for Deasy First Graders photo

The Deasy first grade visited the Cradle of Aviation on April 16 as a culmination of 11 weeks of research on the solar system, in which students focused on the sun, Earth, moon and stars.

The trip enhanced the students’ understanding of the solar system; highlighted the engineering and design of the lunar modules, astronaut life and exploration in space; history of space travel; and showcased the planets in the planetarium show. In preparation for this exciting adventure, each class met with STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and mathematics) teachers Jessica McKenna and Giselle Taylor weekly, diving into research driven by their curiosity and questions. Students used an online database, PebbleGo, and books and videos to answer focus questions. They also learned that scientists gather their information and share their work with each other when they participated in a “Skype-A-Scientist” talk, with a scientist, Salvador Ribas, from Barcelona, Spain, whose research focuses on light pollution. He was able to answer many of the students’ pressing questions.  

The first graders created models of the sun, Earth and moon and identified the patterns of these galactic bodies, which is a Next Generation Science Standard. The research classes may have concluded for this year, but the hope is that the students continue to have questions about their universe and search for answers as scientists and lifelong learners!

Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association

Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association photo
Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association photo 2
Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association photo 3
Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association photo 4
Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association photo 5
Landing Elementary School raised $11,003 during its Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser, which took place during February in correlation with the American Heart Association’s American Heart Month.

Congratulations to Kalia Edwards, who raised $1,200 thanks to the generosity of her family and friends. Her accomplishment is the highest, all-time fundraising record for a single student at Landing Elementary School. In addition to Kalia, other top fundraisers were:

Nathan Rup: $600
Elianna Cavese: $400
Sal Totino: $375
Arden Jimenez: $350
David Jimenez: $350
Paige Jimenez: $350

Through the Jump Rope for Heart program, students secure donations to jump rope during their physical education class to raise awareness about heart health. There were 137 Landing students who participated in this fundraiser, as well as staff members Ms. Caminiti, Ms. LeDonne, Mrs. Martinovic, Mrs. Muzante, Mrs. Reynolds, Ms. Serani and Ms. Thomas. Every participant raising money received a lanyard and a “Heart Hero,” which was placed on a “Hearty Hero” team poster at school. 

Thanks to Mrs. Muzante and Mr. Grazioso, who helped distribute more than 200 prizes to the participating students. A special thanks to all of the Landing families who participated in this event and all those who donated. Each year we are thankful and appreciative of the incredible support throughout this fundraiser. 

Book Tasting at Gribbin


Wearing chef’s aprons and hats, Gribbin School second graders in Coleen Brunhuber and Jennifer Hajok’s class presented their opinion-letter writing to parents and classmates at the class’ Readers Café on April 17.

In preparation for the oral presentations, the students took part in a “book tasting,” reading a variety of books independently. They then selected their favorite book and wrote a letter to explain why others should read it, too. One by one, each student read their letter, which included illustrations of their favorite part of the book. In addition to writing a letter, students created “menus” for their favorite book which included the book’s genre, a description of the cover and what they liked or disliked about the book. After the presentations, the class enjoyed a snack with parents and family members in attendance. 

Ms. Brunhuber, Ms. Hajok and teacher assistant Deanna Perez assisted students as they presented their letters. They commended the class on their projects and all of the hard work they did to complete them.   


Teachers Expose Students to History in a New Way

Teachers Expose Students to History in a New Way 1

R.M. Finley Middle School eighth grade students participated in the WWII and Holocaust Artifacts program from April 15-18, hosted by Ms. Helen Turner, director of Youth Education of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County.

The program was created by eighth grade social studies teachers Mrs. Rebecca Carfora, Mr. Michael Chiclacos, Mrs. Meredith Murolo and Mrs. Danielle Treder, along with the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center. It was designed to have students collaborate with each other to analyze artifacts that survived from this time period. They also viewed clips of historical films, experienced a guided museum tour and heard testimonies from Holocaust survivors Rosette Goldstein and Werner Reich and second generation survivor Evelyn Altenberg. The group spoke about their individual and family members’ life experiences with students.

Special thanks to Ms. Helen Turner, Principal Nelson Iocolano, Assistant Principals Lawrence Carroll and Thomas Pye, and the eighth grade teachers who supported and assisted with the preparation and planning of this grade-level field trip.

Deasy Students Use Nature as Inspiration for Writing

Deasy Students Use Nature as Inspiration for Writing photo
Deasy students in Mrs. Diane DePietro’s second grade class spent time in the outdoor classroom pondering possible poetry topics from nature. Students sketched and used their five senses to describe the objects they viewed and will use their observations to enhance their writing. 

Every Day Is Earth Day at Gribbin

Every Day Is Earth Day at Gribbin photo

Teachers and staff at Gribbin cultivate love and respect for nature through various outdoor lessons, and what better way to celebrate Earth than with outdoor education. In keeping with that, first grade classes enjoyed a beautiful day outside on April 16 in celebration of Earth Day.

Classes circulated from station to station, painting rocks for the native garden, creating bug hotels using plastic bottles and sticks found around the school yard. Students created Earth Day murals that featured drawn pictures and words on how they could help the Earth. They also planted seeds, read books and went bird watching using binoculars in their STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and mathematics) classes. 

Students recently researched the solar system, including Earth, with their classroom and STREAM teachers. They learned the vital lesson that the Earth is the only planet where humans can live and that we all need to take care of it. 


Landing Student-Girl Scout Gives the Gift of Reading

Landing Student-Girl Scout Gives the Gift of Reading photo
Landing Student-Girl Scout Gives the Gift of Reading photo 2
Landing Student-Girl Scout Gives the Gift of Reading photo 3
Landing Student-Girl Scout Gives the Gift of Reading photo 4
As part of her Girl Scout Bronze Award, Landing School fifth grader Stephania Martinez donated the book “Hello, Universe” by Erin Entrada Kelly to her fifth grade peers.  

Stephania has been a Girl Scout in Troop 1420 for the past five years. She loves to read and decided to share that love with others as part of her Bronze Award. During a recent lunch period, she explained her community service to fellow students.  

“I have been reading and teaching kids in day care centers, after-school clubs and schools because I love reading,” Stephania said. 

In addition to reading to younger students, Stephania has been holding a book drive to collect books for children in need and fundraised to purchase books for her fellow students.

“Please take good care of the book you’re receiving, and after you’re done, pass it along, share it with a friend or donate,” she said.

City of Glen Cove Councilwoman Marsha Silverman attended the event on behalf of Mayor Tim Tenke and commended Stephania for her good works. 

“We love to hear stories like this of great work being done around the community, promoting the love of reading and love of books and just doing all around good for each other,” Councilwoman Silverman said.   

Finley Students Take Part in National History Day

On March 31, students from Robert M. Finley Middle School participated in National History Day hosted by Hofstra University. Students from Ms. Vanessa Mahnken’s Humanities/Research Program participated, creating projects based on this year’s theme, “Triumph and Tragedy in History.” 
Special thanks to Principal Nelson Iocolano, Assistant Principals Lawrence Carroll and Thomas Pye, and all the English language arts and social studies teachers, who supported the students and research program.

Edin Alvarado – “Ellis Island – Tragedy Through the Triumph” 
Ryan Annunziato and Mason Dall – “JFK: The Legacy”
Beyrim Ayari, Jake Casale, Brian Flores and Allen Joshua Hudson – “The Triumph and Tragedy of the Transcontinental Railroad” 
Luis Barrera and Christopher Hyman – “The Triumph and Tragedy – Adolf Hitler”
Ashly Freeman – “Spanish Flu: Tragedy and Triumph” 
Fatima Guevara – “Alice Paul’s Triumph Through Tragedy”
Lee’ora Jackson and Keilyn Zavala – “Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: A Friendship That Changed the World”
Michael Markoulis and Eamonn Sullivan – “D-Day: The Beginning of the End”
Francis Martinez and Mario Zaldivar Reyes – “The Story of the Titanic”
Veronica O’Regan – “Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation”
Alexander Piascik – “The Titanic’s Success and Disaster”
Genalie Prezeau and Londell Wheeler – “Apollo 11’s Success”
Devin Rodrigo – “Triumph of Lexington and Concord”
Albert Zambrano – “World War II Axis Power Leaders”

Math Honor Society Commemorates Pi Day

Math Honor Society Commemorates Pi Day photo
Math Honor Society Commemorates Pi Day photo 2
Math Honor Society Commemorates Pi Day photo 3
The Glen Cove High School Math Honor Society hosted Pi Day activities on March 14. The Greek letter Pi represents the numerical value of Pi, which rounds to approximately 3.14. 

Members of the Math Honor Society visited Finley Middle School with their adviser, Mrs. Caesar-Quaye, and Mrs. Shannon, math coordinator. Students from Ms. Abrams’ and Mr. Ingegno’s classes were able to learn about Pi and how it is derived and solved math problems that involved Pi. Middle School students also participated in a contest to see who could memorize the most digits of Pi. Eighth grader Luis Perez was the winner. His prize was a gift certificate for a free pizza pie, generously donated by Delicious Pizzeria in Glen Cove. 

To conclude the day’s events, the Math Honor Society held a pie sale and raffle at the High School. Pies and gift cards were generously donated by Cardinali Bakery, Heritage Bakery, King Kullen, La Parma restaurant, North Shore Farms, St. Rocco’s Bakery and Stop and Shop. Glen Cove High School teacher Mrs. Corrigan also donated a variety of pies to the bake school.

Math Takes Shape at Deasy

Math Takes Shape at Deasy photo
Math Takes Shape at Deasy photo 2
Math Takes Shape at Deasy photo 3
During a math lesson that focused on the differences between 2D and 3D shapes, Mrs. Christine Maddaloni’s kindergarten class at Deasy School explored different ways to model 2D and 3D structures. The class used wooden sticks and Play-Doh to make their creations.

Another Spark! Challenge Victory for Glen Cove Students

Another Spark photo
Another Spark photo 2
Another Spark photo 3
Another Spark photo 4
A Glen Cove High School Spark! team was awarded first place and $2,000 in prize money for their presentation on emergency medicine at the Northwell Health Spark! Challenge competition, held on April 11 at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury. This is the third consecutive win in the past three years for the group.

Twenty-nine students, who were recruited from the high school’s honors anatomy and physiology electives, comprised three teams that presented the fields of emergency medicine, radiology and occupational therapy to judges who are top-level administrators in the Northwell Health System. Additionally, four high school seniors who had won the competition in previous years served as student coaches to support this year’s teams. 

The Spark! Challenge program is in its fifth year and provides shadowing experiences for the students within the Northwell Health System. This year, 47 school districts and more than 1,000 students from Long Island and the surrounding areas participated. After shadowing Northwell professionals, students work on projects and presentations for judging. Spark! team coach/science teacher Fran Krisch and art teacher Stephen Lombardo advise the students as they develop their projects and presentations.
This year’s team members and student coaches are Yanira Acosta-Yanes, Samantha Borgese,  Arlene Cajavilca, Paige Callaghan, Christina Cavallone, Natalie Corella, Cristian Cueva-Bonilla, Ciara Doyle, Megan Fahey, Latifa Fakhry, Fernanda Falcon, Kahley Gambino, Andres Garcia, Sara Garcia, Adriana Gigliotti, Carina Gigliotti, Caitriona Greene, Melissa Jaco, Karina Jaramillo, Neshauna Kawall, Sarah Perez, Fernando Portillo, Lauren Retoske, Lucretia Smith, Emma Spoto, Caterina Squarciafico, Evelyn Tran, Yllka Valdez, Nicole Valensisi, Greg Villafane, Reed Weimer, Abigail Weiser and Rosa Zavala.

The district is incredibly proud of the hard work that both students and teachers dedicated to this event. Their efforts have propelled Glen Cove High School to the forefront of this competition.

Students Test Math Skills at Olympiad

Students Test Math Skills at Olympiad photo
Students Test Math Skills at Olympiad photo 2
Students Test Math Skills at Olympiad photo 3
Members of the National Honor Society and Math Honor Society recently participated in the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad. Advisers Liana Caesar-Quaye and Laura Makula accompanied their students to a practice session and the competition at Long Island University, where 1,500 students participated. Senior Matthew Tran received first place and senior Cristian Cueva-Bonilla received second place in the Olympiad. The pair also received awards for attending the Long Island School for the Gifted in South Huntington. Congratulations to all the students who participated! 
Sunday, June 16, 2019