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Students Shine at Gribbin’s Annual Winter Concert

Students Shine at Gribbin’s Annual Winter Concert photo

Gribbin School students celebrated the season with their annual winter concert on Dec 14.

The show was entitled “The Senses of Winter,” connecting it to the yearlong cultural arts theme of “Senses” that will be incorporated in upcoming projects in all of the special area classes.  

Students in each grade sang five songs about winter, the holidays and the new year. All of the material showcased the talent of the young singers. The kindergartners’ song selection included, “Happy Wintertime Feeling,” “I’m a Little Snowman” and “Seven Feet of Snow,” while the first-grade chorus performed “Winter Fun,” “One Day in December” and “Did You Ever See A Snowflake?” and others. Two-part harmony songs, such as “The Magic of Winter” and “Jingle Bell Jazz” by first-graders and “A Holiday of Music” by second-graders, highlighted the show. It was a delightful morning of music and celebration.

Gribbin Second-Graders Use Typing Skills for Research Project

Gribbin Second-Graders Use Typing Skills for Research Project photo
Gribbin second-graders in Cynthia VanOmmeren's class transferred the typing skills they learned using Google Typing Club with STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and mathematics) teacher Giselle Taylor to type their Ecosystem reports using Adobe Spark Video in research class.

The reports are the culmination to the Diversity of Life Research Unit that students have been studying. This interdisciplinary unit was created during the elementary science curriculum writing project this past summer. In this unit, students have been researching various communities around the world using nonfiction books and developmentally-appropriate online databases, while their classroom teachers have been facilitating the unit by teaching specific science and social studies lessons to help students have a deeper understanding of concepts learned through their research. 

Students were taught how to take notes using various forms of note taking (bullets, webs and lists). The students then created paragraphs through interactive writing with their teachers. These paragraphs will be used to create Adobe Spark Videos. Students will share these videos with their classmates and teachers to teach them about various ecosystems. 

Hour of Code Expands Student Learning at Gribbin

Hour of Code Expands Student Learning at Gribbin

First-graders at Gribbin School learned drag-and-drop block coding with STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, arts and math) teacher Jessica McKenna as part of the district’s participation in the Hour of Code, a worldwide effort that celebrates computer science.

The lesson began with students watching a short video that explained the Hour of Code. It continued with a class discussion on why machines need to be programmed. Mrs. McKenna reviewed internet safety rules with students before they picked a partner to create their own Flappy Bird game. The class was directed to a QR code and students used their iPads to access their class’ Seesaw account, which contained the instructions. Students had a great time coding, dragging and dropping blocks to create different sounds and movements for their Flappy Bird games.

Mrs. McKenna shared that the students learning to drag and drop block code is new to the first-graders, who used arrows to code last year. The drag-and-drop block coding requires students to read their desired selections.   

Save the Date for Family Code Night!



Art Brings Students Together at High School

Art Brings Students Together at High School photo

Second-graders from Gribbin and high school ceramic art students worked together to create pinch pot creatures during a special meeting at Glen Cove High School on Nov. 28.

The collaborative lesson began with the second-graders brainstorming and drawing their ideas for a unique pinch pot creature. The high school students and art teachers Vicki Gordon and Lee Ann Palazzo provided instruction and guidance to the second-graders as they worked with clay to begin their creation. The youngsters learned to shape the clay, to remove the bubbles and patted it into a ball before placing their thumbs in the center to create a mouth. The students then created eyes, arms and other features for their creatures.

Ms. Gordon will place the second-graders’ projects into her kiln and return them to Ms. Palazzo so students can paint and decorate them in upcoming art classes. The teachers organized the class activity so the high school students could impart their knowledge of working with 3D artistry. The children had a wonderful time working with the older students.     

Gribbin Students Continue Nature Study at Morgan Park

Gribbin Students Continue Nature Study at Morgan Park photo

Gribbin kindergarten students recently visited Morgan Park as part of their yearlong nature study initiative for the 2018-19 school year. Students participated in a scavenger hunt, searching for acorns, oak leaves, seed pods, twigs, pine cones, sweet gum and other fall items.

Prior to their nature walks, the kindergarten teachers Ms. Bekios, Ms. Kamola, Mr. Segreti, Ms. Stasco, Ms. Totino and Ms. Vaughan introduced their children to Suzanne Slades’ book, “Out of School and Into Nature, the Anna Comstock Story.”  

The kindergarten students will also continue to spend time in their own “native garden,” observing, journaling and connecting to the wonders of nature.