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Student Council Officers Elected at Connolly and Landing

Student Council Officers Elected at Connolly and Landing photo

Connolly and Landing schools recently held their Student Council elections for the 2018-19 school year. The students delivered impassioned speeches to their peers on why they were a good choice for the position they were seeking. Congratulations to the following students:

Connolly School
Michael Renga and Isabella Santiago – Co-Presidents
Caroline DaSilva and Whitney Matalevich – Co-Vice Presidents
Daniel Rottino – Secretary
Sarai Fernandez – Treasurer
Julia Leone and Paige Chapter – Co-Archivists

Landing School
Siena Scagliola – President
Sophia Zapata – Vice President
Arden Jimenez – Secretary
Mia Lupinski – Treasurer
Elijah Gooden – Historian

Landing Students Interview Allonzo Trier of the New York Knicks

Landing Students Interview Allonzo Trier of the New York Knicks photo

Landing students in Melissa Harechmak’s class were selected to write articles for the Kidsday portion of Newsday and recently interviewed New York Knicks player Allonzo Trier as one of their assignments.

Students have been working with Newsday editor Pat Mullooly as part of the Kidsday experience. Recently, he visited the students to get to know them and discussed ideas for their articles. The articles are based on student experiences, interests, school highlights and surveying other students. Mr. Mullooly came with a few different toys, books and a STEM robot called Dash, which the students used to test out and write reviews. Mr. Mullooly will visit two more times before the articles are published the week of Feb. 23, 2019. 

One of the other components for the children is to interview someone famous. On Oct. 30, Ms. Harechmak brought four students to Tarrytown, New York, to the New York Knicks practice facility. The students interviewed Mr. Trier, a 22-year Knicks player, using questions they had prepared. Mr. Mullooly also attended this special visit to help the students write an article to be published in the paper.

Kindness Rocks at Landing

Kindness Rocks at Landing photo
Kindness Rocks at Landing photo 2
Kindness Rocks at Landing photo 3

In recognition of National Encouragement Day, Landing students in Mrs. Laura-Ann Hazen and Ms. Michelle Orlando's class decided to paint rocks with pictures and/or words of positivity and encouragement. The students then delivered one to each classroom teacher, the main office, the all-purpose room, the nurse’s office and the security desk.

Their hope was to brighten others’ day. The class is looking forward to having students paying it forward and putting the rock somewhere else in the building from time to time. Hopefully, keeping this kindness rock rotating will continue to spread cheer in the building.  


David Wright Day at Landing

David Wright Day at Landing photo

Landing School celebrated the career and life of New York Mets player David Wright on Sept. 28. Students and staff were invited to wear New York Mets shirts, other MLB team jerseys or any sports shirt to salute David Wright’s character both on and off the field.

Wright's career was filled with countless examples of making someone’s day, and he has a reputation as one of the most charitable stars in the majors. In 2005, he began his own charitable organization, the David Wright Foundation. Its mission is to increase awareness about multiple sclerosis and to raise money for multiple sclerosis organizations and projects. Landing School salutes David Wright on his distinguished career and his incredible character both on and off the field. Congratulations!

Nutritious Food at No Cost for Elementary Students

Nutritious Food at No Cost for Elementary Students photo
Nutritious Food at No Cost for Elementary Students photo 2
Nutritious Food at No Cost for Elementary Students photo 3
Nutritious Food at No Cost for Elementary Students photo 4
Landing School students recently enjoyed grilled cheese, fresh salad, turkey sandwiches and other delicious meals for lunch — at no cost to their families — thanks to the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service’s Community Eligibility Provision.

In fact, this year all district students in grades K-5 are receiving free lunch and breakfast thanks to the Community Eligibility Provision, a nonpricing meal service option for schools and school districts. This provision allows districts to serve breakfast and lunch at no cost to all enrolled students without collecting household applications. 

According to Food Services Manager Kim Coopersmith, the grant is for a duration of four years. The goal is to be able to offer the program to all district students, and so far, the students love it.

“The food is good and it’s easier because we don’t have to wait a long time to pay, we just have to put our code in,” fifth-grader ZyAaire Mejia said.  

 Enhancing the district’s lunch program was a conversation that began with the nutrition committee and continued with the nutrition and wellness committee. Committee members visited other districts to learn about their programs, ultimately learning about the Community Eligibility Provision and sharing the information to the benefit of the students.