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Finley Students Take Part in National History Day

On March 31, students from Robert M. Finley Middle School participated in National History Day hosted by Hofstra University. Students from Ms. Vanessa Mahnken’s Humanities/Research Program participated, creating projects based on this year’s theme, “Triumph and Tragedy in History.” 
Special thanks to Principal Nelson Iocolano, Assistant Principals Lawrence Carroll and Thomas Pye, and all the English language arts and social studies teachers, who supported the students and research program.

Edin Alvarado – “Ellis Island – Tragedy Through the Triumph” 
Ryan Annunziato and Mason Dall – “JFK: The Legacy”
Beyrim Ayari, Jake Casale, Brian Flores and Allen Joshua Hudson – “The Triumph and Tragedy of the Transcontinental Railroad” 
Luis Barrera and Christopher Hyman – “The Triumph and Tragedy – Adolf Hitler”
Ashly Freeman – “Spanish Flu: Tragedy and Triumph” 
Fatima Guevara – “Alice Paul’s Triumph Through Tragedy”
Lee’ora Jackson and Keilyn Zavala – “Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: A Friendship That Changed the World”
Michael Markoulis and Eamonn Sullivan – “D-Day: The Beginning of the End”
Francis Martinez and Mario Zaldivar Reyes – “The Story of the Titanic”
Veronica O’Regan – “Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation”
Alexander Piascik – “The Titanic’s Success and Disaster”
Genalie Prezeau and Londell Wheeler – “Apollo 11’s Success”
Devin Rodrigo – “Triumph of Lexington and Concord”
Albert Zambrano – “World War II Axis Power Leaders”

Finley Students Teach Spanish to Second Graders

Finley Students Teach Spanish to Second Graders photo

Seventh graders from R.M. Finley Middle School shared their love of and skill in the Spanish language with second grade classes at Deasy School.

Tatyana Alicea, Javiera Contreras and Carolina Maisonet, under the guidance of teacher Christine Skaar, taught the youngsters how to say different colors, the letters of the alphabet and how to count from one to 10 in Spanish. The seventh graders used videos and songs to help the second graders with pronunciation and spelling. At the conclusion of each lesson, second graders were given a packet that reinforced the lessons they learned. 

Finley Presents ‘Zombie Prom: Atomic Edition’

Finley Presents ‘Zombie Prom: Atomic Edition’
Members of R.M. Finley’s Drama Club will take the stage for their outstanding production of “Zombie Prom: Atomic Edition” on Friday and Saturday, April 5 and 6, at 7 p.m.; and Sunday, April 7, at 2 p.m., in the Wunsch auditorium. General admission is $8, tickets for students and senior citizens are $7. Please come out and support our wonderful students! 

Play-Doh Enhances Lab Work at Finley

Play-Doh Enhances Lab Work at Finley photo
Seventh-graders in Donald Ingegno’s class at Finley Middle School have been busy conducting labs as part of their classroom learning.  

Mr. Ingegno incorporated Play-Doh into class instruction to reinforce students’ coordination, focus and motor skills. The first of the two labs was during Unit Four: Atoms and Periodic Table. The students built their own atoms and labeled its parts: nucleus, protons, neutrons and electrons. The class also used M&M’s to show the elections in their electron configuration. 

The second lab kicked off Unit Six, where the students were introduced to potential and kinetic energy. The class used an animated roller coaster as their model to help them identify which parts of the roller coaster have potential and kinetic energies. They then drafted a drawing of their own roller coaster, labeling the parts that identified the potential and kinetic energies. Finally students had fun building their own roller coasters out of Play-Doh.

Each lab concludes with a write-up that connects to the scientific method and questions that prompt student engagement suggestions on how they would change the lab.