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Antigone Rising Visits Finley Middle School

Antigone Rising Visits Finley Middle School photo

Finley Middle School students enjoyed an outstanding musical performance filled with positive messages when the all-female rock group Antigone Rising visited their school.

The visit had special meaning, as two of the band’s members, Cathy and Kristen Henderson, are alumni of Finley Middle School. Students tapped their feet as they listened to the group’s hits, including “Game Changer” and “Don’t Look Back.” The latter was co-written by Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas. Throughout the performance, the group discussed roadblocks they faced in their careers and encouraged students to persevere in the face of no. In preparation for the visit, teachers Danielle Treder and Meredith Murolo had students participate in a survey, which asked them to identify what they believed to be the biggest issues middle school students face, and whether or not they felt that people truly understood who they were. The results indicated that a lot of the students didn’t feel like they could be their “true” selves. 

The band members told students to find the strength to find their own voice, and to allow their friends to do the same. The assembly concluded with students having an opportunity to ask questions.

Assistant Principal Lawrence Carroll said the assembly delivered a powerful message to students.

“I think students in middle school struggle, and this group let them know that if you’re authentic and be yourself, good things will happen,” Carroll said.      

Finley Robotics Students Head to State Competition

Finley Robotics Students Head to State Competition photo
Finley Robotics Students Head to State Competition photo 2
Finley Robotics Students Head to State Competition photo 3
By virtue of a high-scoring performance at the VEX qualifying competition held in South Huntington on Feb. 10, the Finley robotics team C, The Exobots, has been chosen for this year’s New York State finals. This young team has worked hard to design its robot and to compete through this challenging season. The teams that have been chosen are a limited group and it is a great honor to be included. Congratulations to the following students: Sixth-graders James Lopez and Giancarlo Torres, seventh-graders Chris Cardera and Juan Yepes, and eighth-grader Zachary Gotterbarn.

Monthly Family Nights Begin

Family Nights Begin

To combat the busy schedules of families, the district has implemented a monthly Family Night. On Family Night, students will not be assigned any homework from their classroom teachers, allowing their families to preplan fun activities, without interruption.

Family Night will be held on the following dates:
Oct. 25        Jan. 31          April 18
Nov. 22        Feb. 14         May 23
Dec. 20        March 21       June 13