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Finley’s Environment Club Cleans Up

Finley’s Environment Club Cleans Up Photo
On a recent bright and sunny afternoon, many members of the Finley Middle School environment club rolled up their sleeves for a good cause.
First, they cleaned up debris that had been left behind from previous events, along with some that had simply blown into the courtyard from the neighboring parking area. Next, came the big job of cleaning up the leaves. In addition, students worked on removing sticks and branches, organized garden hoses and pulled weeds. Fun was had by all, especially when it was time to plant.  

Students planted tulips throughout various flowerbeds and a perfect spot was designated for a new flowering tree.

It was a wonderful experience for all those who participated. They worked tirelessly and put in team effort. Many students mentioned how anxious they were to tell their parents so they could do some gardening at home as well.

Castle Learning Regents Prep

Please see the video link below on how to access Castle Learning for Regents Prep.  All students have access to Castle Learning through the school district.  Please contact your guidance counselor if  you do not have your login information.

Regents Prep Video 

Congratulations, National Junior Honor Society Inductees!

Congratulations, National Junior Honor Society Inductees! Photo
Finley Middle School is pleased to announce the induction of 31 students into the school’s National Junior Honor Society chapter. The inductees were selected for their scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character. Congratulations to the following students:

Michaela Adam
Anna Basil
Ashley Brown
Adrien Brunelle
Joanna Christ
Grecia Cisneros
Nicholas Corwin
Gabriel Costantino
Caroline Fahey
Holly Farnan
Kenneth Gavino
Lindsay Gavino
Anthony Gigliotti
Andrew Glaviano
Edward Goodyear
Ciaran Greene
Lily Hoffman
Isabella Juarez
Nicholas Kodis
Christian Maiorana
Frank Melfi
Teresa Melfi
Samantha Seery
Doris Serrano
Kristen Sita
Jaden Thom
Joseph Thom
Luciano Tuo
Miranda Weiser
Tigist Willson
Philip Wlodarczyk

Students of the Month

Students of the Month February 2017
Marvin Leiva
Delvin Maisonet 
Darwuin Rivas
Jose Lorenzo Santos
Dakota Wiesner 
Owen Yates

Students of the Month March 2017
Mario Benitez 
Valerie Acosta 
Alexandra Pascucci 
Mauricio Cueva 
Brayan Velasquez 
Liam Dall

 sotm image

Students Collect Food For Finley Food Pantry

Students Collect Food For Finley Food Pantry Photo
Members of the National Junior Honor Society, Student Council and Builder’s Club at Finley recently collected items for the school’s food pantry at Stop and Shop in Glen Cove.

Thanks to the generosity of local shoppers, the students were able to collect two shopping carts of personal care and nonperishable food items for Glen Cove families in need. Advisors and teachers Ms. Kirsten Kenney, Mrs. Desiree Viruet and Ms. Brenda Weck commended the students for their efforts.
Wednesday, May 24, 2017