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Staff Directory

Robert M. Finley Middle School

(Please click on 'red' names for personal web pages)
N. Iocolano   
(Principal: 801-7510)
L. Carroll  
(Assistant Principal: 801-7515)
T. H. Pye  
(Assistant Principal: 801-7515)
*Administrative Support Staff
A. Morra  
(AP Secretary)
D. Pascarelli  
(Account Clerk)
J. Ranieri  
(Secretary to the Principal)
M. Salamone  
*DURHAM Team 7th Grade
Ms. Durham  
(Social Studies - (Team Leader Room 203))
Ms. Incerto  
Ms. Rodriguez  
Ms. Schiradlo-Camisa  
*FINJER Team 8th Grade
Ms. Carfora  
Ms. Finjer  
(Math - (Team Leader Room 400))
Ms. Palmer  
Ms. Treder  
(Social Studies)
*FRISCH Team 6th Grade
Ms. Alvarez-Corrigan  
Ms. Canfield  
Ms. DeCarlo  
(Social Studies)
Ms. Frisch  
(Science - (Team Leader Room 502))
Ms. Piccirillo  
*KOCIENDA Team 8th Grade
Mr. Chiclacos  
Ms. Kenney  
Mr. Kocienda  
(Science (Team Leader Room 305))
Ms. Murolo   
(Social Studies)
*MCGAHAN Team 7th Grade
Ms. Lordi-Linden  
Ms. Marra  
Mr. McGahan   
(Science (Team Leader Room 404))
Ms. Roberts  
(Social Studies)
*MCGRATH Team 6th Grade
Ms. Caulfield   
Mr. Eisele  
Ms. Gerby  
Ms. McGrath  
(Social Studies - (Team Leader Room 606))
Ms. Todisco  
Ms. Caracciolo  
Mr. Flashner  
Ms. Penrod  
Mr. J. Geller
(Director of Technical Services)
Coordinators: 801-7681
Ms. Chavez  
(Coordinator of ENL & World Languages)
Mr. DiNapoli  
(Coordinator of English)
Ms. Lashin  
(Assistant Director of Special Education)
Ms. Shannon  
(Coordinator of Math)
I. Alvarado
J. Cabello
M. Corsitto
G. Famularo
G. Galante
V. Garcia
P. Helmus
B. Medina
(Night Head Custodian)
J. Orellana
G. Rizzo
A. Serrano
J. Solomito
(Head Custodian)
S. Vidal
English as a New Language (ENL)
Ms. Cajamarca  
Ms. Mercado  
Fine Art
Mr. Guarini  
Mr. Lippe  
Ms. Mallo  
Ms. McLoughlin  
Mr. Schmidt  
Ms. Sullivan  
Ms. Zimmerman  
Mr. Molina  
(Last names beginning with Fl-M - 801-7574)
Mrs. Perez  
Mr. Sirakis  
(Last names beginning with N-Z - 801-7573)
Health Office: 801-7560 (Fax: 801-7564)
D. Manzione  
Ms. DiPaola  
Physical Education and Health
Mr. Carbone  
Ms. Sullivan  
Mr. Tripp  
Ms. Zuppa  
Ms. Farrell  
(School Psychologist)
Dr. Seele  
(School Psychologist)
Ms. Methven  
Resource Room
Ms. Baxter  
Mr. Cirnigliaro  
Ms. Goldstein  
Mr. Ingegno  
Ms. Sequino  
Ms. Spano  
Ms. Troyano  
Ms. Venticinque  
Ms. Viruet  
Ms. Weck  
Special Education
Ms. Iannelli  
Mr. Kalberer  
(Team Leader Room 103)
Ms. Brennan   
Ms. Donovan  
Mr. McGuirk  
Ms. Veith  
Technology/Family Consumer Services
Mr. Gervat  
Ms. Panzarino  
Ms. Pignataro  
Ms. Robino  
World Languages
Ms. Malley  
Ms. Morra  
Ms. Skaar  
Ms. Villacis  
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