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High School:
 Varsity and JV Cheerleading
 Co-Ed Varsity Cross-Country
 Varsity and JV Football
 Varsity and JV Soccer (Boys and Girls)
 Varsity and JV Tennis (Girls)
 Varsity and JV Volleyball (Girls)
Boys Golf
 Middle School:
 7/8 Combined Football
 7th Grade Girls Soccer
 8th Grade Girls Soccer
 7th Grade Boys Soccer
 8th Grade Boys Soccer
 7/8 Combined Girls Tennis
 7/8 Cheer



High School:
Varsity and JV Basketball (Boys and Girls)
Varsity and JV Cheerleading
Varsity Indoor Track (Boys and Girls)
Varsity and JV Wrestling (Boys)
Co-Ed Rifle
Middle School - Winter I:
7th Grade Boys Basketball
8th Grade Boys Basketball
7th Grade Girls Volleyball
8th Grade Girls Volleyball
7/8 Cheer
Middle School - Winter II:
7th Grade Girls Basketball
8th Grade Girls Basketball
7/8 Combined Wrestling (Boys)



High School:
Varsity and JV Baseball (Boys)
Varsity Track and Field (Boys and Girls)
Varsity and JV Softball (Girls)
Varsity and JV Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)
Varsity Tennis (Boys)

Middle School :
7th Grade Baseball
8th Grade Baseball
7/8 Combined Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)
7th Grade Softball
8th Grade Softball
7/8 Combined Co-Ed Track and Field


Saturday, December 04, 2021