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Elementary School Art


Mrs. Palazzo's Gribbin and Connolly Art Classes

Photography in Mrs. Palazzo’s 5th grade classes at Connolly

Mrs. Palazzo shared her love of photography with her 5th grade Connolly
students. Students are using the iPads to search for the elements of art. They are
working with Mrs. Palazzo this year on a Google slide presentation for graduation
and self portraits that they will edit and transform.

Landing students enjoy sculpting, painting and more with Ms. Bennardo.

Landing School fifth-graders in Ms. Bennardo's class recently explored shapes and colors with pattern.


Second-graders at Gribbin Learned About Values and Monochromatic Painting with Mrs. Palazzo

 Gribbin Second-Graders Create Clay Snowmen



Mrs. Palazzo's Gribbin art students exercised their creativity when they returned to school.






Connolly student-artists showed off their artistic abilities during Mrs. Palazzo's art class.


Wednesday, December 08, 2021