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The Glen Cove Music Program

Middle School

The Robert M. Finley Middle School music department aims to enrich each and every student’s musical experience.  Whether a student is enrolled in a performing ensemble or a general music class, every child receives the opportunity to explore the world of music.  Middle school music is the bridge between the beginning experiences at the elementary level and the advanced ensembles at the high school.  Therefore, this time is crucial in a child’s musical development.  The faculty strives to create an environment where students are not afraid to take chances and experiment in this art form while developing advanced musicianship and musical concepts.  

The following music courses are offered at the middle school:

Chorus 6
Orchestra 6
Band 6
Chorus 7/8
Orchestra 7/8
7th Grade Band
Concert Band
General Music
Introduction to Band

Wednesday, December 08, 2021