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Deasy Elementary School

Welcome to STREAM!


STREAM is a class where students will be doing many fun and exciting projects.

The K-2 STREAM program promotes critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork while aligning with the Next Generation Science, the international society for technology in education and the Common Core Learning Standards. 

Students will come to STREAM once a week. Each time students attend STREAM class, they will act like scientists or engineers. This means that they are going to explore the world around them, work cooperatively, think critically, design, build and solve problems.  In addition, students will learn basic coding and how to operate robots at an introductory level.

In addition to STREAM class, students will have a research class. During their time in research, they will complete a study on a topic related to the district’s science or social studies curriculum. The research involves working in groups, using iPads to access electronic sources, exploring nonfiction books,  taking notes and creating a final project with the information that they have obtained.

We look forward to working with each of the primary students this year!

Mrs. McKenna & Mrs. Hutter




The Kindergarteners listened to a book entitled Out of School and Into Nature: The Anna Comstock Story. They got to use magnifying glasses to look at nature closely and draw what they discovered. They realized the many wonders there are to be found right outside the school building.