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Glen Cove High School



The Glen Cove High School Guidance and Counseling Department is dedicated to meeting the needs of individual student. The activities of the Guidance Department are designed to help students develop and acquire the skills, abilities, knowledge and attitudes necessary to plan for their future. Through individual and group conferences, counselors assist students to select the best possible school program and monitor their academic progress. In addition, the counseling staff works with individual students and parents to resolve school related or personal difficulties in an atmosphere of support and confidentiality. Referrals are made to appropriate community resources when it is necessary.

Students are informed about scholarship opportunities, field trips, speakers, and special programs through flyers, Guidance Newsletters, P.A. announcements, and group presentations in classes. The school calendar provides an overall view of scheduled Guidance Events throughout the year.

Each student and their parent or guardian will be invited to an individual Guidance Review meeting once during each school year. At that time, academic progress, activity involvement, and future plans will be discussed. However, parents and students are always encouraged to meet with the Guidance Counselors whenever they would like to have a private discussion, or would like to schedule a conference with the student's teachers. Although Guidance Counselors have an open door policy, we prefer that students schedule appointments so that an appropriate amount of time can be set aside for student and/or parent meetings.

Mr. Michael Tweed
Coordinator of Pupil Personnel Services




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Contact Directory

Mr. Michael Tweed
Coordinator of Pupil Personnel Services
Ms. Kristen Schnall
Counselor 801-7676
Ms. Nadia Pereira
Counselor 801-7637
Ms. Christine Farrell Counselor 801-7678
Mrs. Margie Tockman Counselor 801 7638
Ms. Alyssa Andersen
Counselor 801-7691
Mrs. Lina Cameron Guidance Secretary 801-7674
Mrs. Camille Farnan Guidance Secretary 801-7672
Ms. Marta Cala Guidance Secretary 801-7671
Ms. Laurae Daniels Guidance Secretary 801-7673