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Robert M. Finley Middle School

About Robert M. Finley Middle School


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the intellect and character of
EVERY student in measurable ways

The Robert M. Finley Middle School, serving students in grades six through eight, is made up of several buildings: the west wing, built in 1910 and renovated in 1989; the east wing, built in 1938; and the Unified Arts Center/Media Center and gymnasium, built in 1975.  The school, which is set on 20 acres of land, is equipped with a library and audio-visual center, physical education complex, learning resource room, reading and computer labs, a unified arts center, fine arts and Wunsch Auditorium, a cafeteria and playing and ball fields.

Enrichment programs are offered at the school, as well as a choice of two foreign languages.  The school is known for its award winning music program.  It was also one of the first middle schools in the nation to institute team teaching, an approach which has been highly successful and continues to serve as a model for other districts.

Nelson Iocolano, Principal, can be reached at 801-7510.


Robert M. Finley Middle
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National Junior Honor

2014-2015 Selection Process

2014-2015 Student Handbook

Official Finley Chapter Bylaws

Middle School Honor Roll Criterion

The criterion for making Honor Roll is a minimum grade of 80 in each class as well as an overall average between 84.5 and 89.4. For High Honor Roll (Principal’s Academic Award), a student must receive a minimum grade of 80 in each class as well as an overall average above an 89.5.

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